Accrington Murder Trial Begins 25th February

Accrington Murder Trial
 Accrington Murder Trial Begins 25th February

The trial into the murder of Lindsay Birbeck will begin tomorrow, on February 25th, and it is expected that the trial will last at least 2 weeks, with AWH Solicitors representing the teenage boy who has been charged in connection with her murder, in a team comprising Queen’s Counsel, Senior Counsel, Senior Solicitor and support staff.

The 47-year-old teaching assistant was found in Accrington Cemetery on the 24th August 2019, after she had been missing for 12 days. The communities of Huncoat and the surrounding areas had come together to carry out an extended search for the mother-of-two.

CCTV footage of a suspect alleged to be the accused moving a wheelie bin had been released by police, who appealed to members of the public to provide evidence or information about the case.

During the trial at Preston Crown Court, the jury will consider all the evidence and arguments put forward by both the prosecution and the defence following the not guilty plea that the youth submitted in December of last year. Our experienced team will do their utmost in presenting the defendant’s case in his best interests.

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