World Cancer Day Bake Sale

World Cancer Day Bake Sale
 World Cancer Day Bake Sale

AWH Solicitors are raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support

On Tuesday 4th February, World Cancer Day sees campaigners from across 162 countries drawing awareness to the ways in which we can fight this devastating disease.

Currently, 9.6 million people die from cancer each year, and at least one third of common cancers are preventable. Overall, cancer is the second-leading cause of death worldwide, but up to 3.7 million lives could be saved each year by implementing resource appropriate strategies for prevention, early detection and treatment. To support research and treatment into this deadly disease, AWH Solicitors will be holding a bake sale today to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.

From the moment of diagnosis, Macmillan provides support, guidance, and assistance to those suffering from cancer. Made up of millions of individuals who have been affected by the devastating disease, they aim to make sure that sufferers are treated like a person, not just a patient, and that they get the support to live their life as fully as possible.

Bake Sale

Here at AWH Solicitors, we have first-hand understanding of the impact that a cancer diagnosis can have on someone’s life, and the considerations that must be made.

Why our solicitors get involved

Our solicitors help claim compensation for those who have suffered as a result of medical negligence during the treatment and diagnosis of their illness. They can also help those whose cancer was caused by exposure to harmful substances or materials, such as asbestos, in an unsafe work environment.

We also specialise in legally supporting individuals through cancer misdiagnosis. If your diagnosis is delayed or missed, the crucial treatment that can increase your odds of survival will also be delayed. We can assist and help with getting the financial compensation that you need, so you can concentrate on dealing with the emotions that come with such a traumatic experience. Some of the most common factors in claims that we deal with include:

  • Delay in cancer diagnosis claims
  • Misdiagnosis – being diagnosed with cancer when it is actually not present or misdiagnosed with another condition when in fact it is cancer.
  • Failure to diagnose – overlooking cancer symptoms all together.

Doctors have a duty of care towards all of their patients and, if they have made crucial mistakes that could have been avoided, then they could be liable for a cancer negligence claim.

We can help by providing high quality legal advice as well as support and guidance. We can make you feel at ease throughout the whole process and will strive to get you the best possible result so that you can live comfortably once again and look forward to the future.

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AWH Solicitors hope that their bake sale will contribute to the fundraising and continued awareness of cancer support and treatment in the UK. By working together, the organisations involved hope to meet the goal of 3 in 4 people surviving cancer by the year 2034. With the right action, this is hopefully a very achievable aim that can give hope to millions.