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Employment Law in the UK

In the UK employment law is there to regulate relations between employees, employers and the unions.

The employment regulations set out by the government are there to ensure that all workers are treated fairly and that they get to work in a work environment that at the least meets the minimum health and safety regulations.

Employment law covers areas such as pay, working hours, contracts, parental leave, how to handle disciplinary and grievance procedures, when a person can be dismissed or made redundant, how to manage probation and notice periods, health and safety of the work environment and management of equality and diversity in the workplace.

Employment Law Claims

If an employer fails to meet their legal obligations to their employees their employees may be eligible to make a claim against that employer.

Such claims will always be handled by the employment tribunal and the employee does not need to pay any fees to take their case to the employment tribunal.

The Role of the Employment Tribunal

There are however strict requirements that an employee needs to meet in order to file a claim at the employment tribunal.

As an example, a claim needs to be made within a certain time frame after the employee left the company or after an incident occurred. This would generally be either three or six months.

The employee will need to be able to prove their claim with as much evidence as possible.

If the employee cannot produce any proof of bad conduct on the employer’s part the claim will likely be unsuccessful.

Equality in the Workplace

The Equality Act 2010 is set out by European legislation and is one of the most meaningful updates to UK employment law. This act was set out with the aim to minimise social exclusion, inequality and discrimination.

The Equality Act provides more protection to employees who have been treated differently due to their race, religion or beliefs, gender, age, disability, gender reassignment, pregnancy or sexual orientation.

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