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About Family Law

Family law solicitors are specialists in dealing with tough situations that generally occur as a result of divorce or separation.

As such, family law solicitors provide a range of services regarding legal divorce proceedings, financial settlement agreements, mediation and children disputes.

In addition, family solicitors can also help families set up agreements at the beginning of marriage, such as the pre and postnuptial agreements.

These types of agreements are starting to become more and more common and are generally upheld in court provided that the terms aren’t disadvantageous to children.

Family Court

In many legal matters within family law it is possible to avoid taking proceedings to the family courts, as many issues and disputes can be handled more amicable by means of mediation and negotiation.

Court proceedings are a last resort and should only be considered if no other solutions could be found.

When court proceedings do become necessary the process will likely last much longer, be much pricier and it will cause neither party to hold any control over the outcome. Both parties are then legally bound to follow the court’s ruling, which is not always in the best solution for the individual.

Aspects of Divorce

In recent times simplified divorce proceedings have become more popular, with the rise of do-it-yourself and online divorces showing increased demand year on year.

These type of divorce proceedings deal with one aspect of the divorce only; offer you a decree absolute. The decree absolute is the final order that officially ends your marriage.

What is not included with this type of service are agreements on finances and assets, children and future responsibilities to one another.

Failing to legally agree on finances and financial responsibilities has caused many divorced couples significant issues, which is why the importance of elements such as financial agreements, clean-break orders and consent orders should not be underestimated.

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