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Hire purchase claims - Outstanding finance

What is a Hire-Purchase Claim?

You may need to make a hire-purchase claim if you have recently bought a car that still had outstanding finance on it.

The person selling you the vehicle would have failed to inform you that they didn’t own the car outright, and that it was still officially owned by the finance company.

This means that even if you bought the car and can prove you have paid for it, the finance company will likely come and collect the car or request you pay them the outstanding amount on the hire purchase agreement.

Your Actions Matter

If you do not act you are likely to lose either the total amount paid for the vehicle if it is repossessed, or you pay the outstanding balance.

Specialist solicitors can offer guidance in these challenging circumstances, helping you claim ownership of the vehicle or your money back.

How to Avoid this from Happening

When you are buying your second-hand car, you can easily run a check to make sure there is no outstanding finance left on that car.

This type of check is also known as an HPI check and can be purchased for less than ten pounds on the internet.

It’s a quick and pain-free test and will ensure you will outright own the car you are buying so you don’t find yourself in legal difficulty down the line.

First Actions after Finding out your Car has Outstanding Finance Left

You may find that the car you have recently purchased has outstanding finance on it.

You may have learned of this matter after receiving an invoice for the outstanding balance on the hire purchase agreement or from a knock on the door from the police.

You should not avoid the issue, nor should you hide the car and hope the finance company goes away.
If this happens to you, you need to get in touch with a solicitor first. They will assess your situation and present you with your options.

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