48% of UK Renters Living with Housing Disrepair

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48% of UK Renters Living with Housing Disrepair
 Allaya Hussain
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Survey Reveals 48% of UK Renters are Living in Disrepair

After concerns were raised that many renters were living with disrepair in conditions that could be deemed unsafe or have a long-term impact on their health, a survey of 1,000 current UK rental tenants was carried out.

Results from the survey show a worrying 48% of UK tenants currently live with one or more housing disrepair issues. The survey saw many tenants living with disrepair issues such as, mould, damp, leaks, electrical issues and, blocked drains.

64% of 16–24-Year-Old Tenants Living with Housing Disrepair

The survey also reveals that the younger generation are most affected by housing disrepair issues. 64% of tenants aged 18-24 are living with at least one issue. This is followed by 35–44-year-olds at 52%.

Nottingham Tops List for Housing Disrepair

Nottingham tops the list of cities with the most housing disrepair cases with the figure standing at 60%. This is shortly followed by Bristol (59%), Manchester (58%), Newcastle and Norwich (both as 57%), and London (55%).

83% of tenants revealed that they’ve reported at least one issue of housing disrepair in the last year. However, 17% have not yet brought forward the complaint. Of these 17%, a third claimed it was “too much hassle” or thought there was no point raising the issue as “nothing would be done about it.”

28% of Tenants Waiting Six Months or More for Disrepair to Resolve

Most tenants that raised issues, saw them fixed in just six days. However, 28% of tenants said they had to wait six months or more before the disrepair was resolved by their landlord or local authority.

Norwich tenants currently have the longest waiting times for repair, at an average of ten days. This is followed by Leeds at nine days, and Liverpool at eight and a half days.

What To Do If You Are a Tenant Living with Housing Disrepair?

If the condition of your home doesn’t meet standards due to negligence from your social landlord, you may need to take legal action. It’s important to report any issues to your landlord as soon as you notice them. This gives your landlord a chance to carry out repairs quickly. However, if your landlord fails to address these issues by not responding to you, ignoring the issue, or carrying out the repair at a low standard, legal action against them is the appropriate next step.

It’s vital that you take the steps needed to address cases of housing disrepair as living in unsafe conditions can be harmful to you and your family.

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