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Spouse Visa UK

You may be eligible to apply for a spouse visa if you wish to live in the UK for over six months and your spouse(husband, wife or civil partner) is already residing in the UK.

If you are applying for a spouse visa you as the applicant are known as a ‘dependant’.  Your spouse or partner is known as the ‘sponsor’.

If you wish to visit the UK for six months or less you won’t need to apply for a spouse visa. If your stay remains under six months a visitor visa will suffice.

UK Spouse Visa Application

The application process for a spouse visa can become very complex quickly. Additionally, appealing a negative decision can easily take up to a year.

To be successful on your first application we therefore recommend you to request guidance from our experienced immigration solicitors.

Our immigration solicitors can guide you through the process with ease. We ensure you understand exactly what to expect and what is required from both you and your partner.

With our high expertise and strong drive to succeed we can promise you your best chance at a successful application.

To understand more about how our solicitors work and how we can help you call us on 0844 414 0667 or request a call back at a time that best suits you.

Spouse Visa UK Application Process

Different Types of Spouse Visas

The spouse visa you are applying for will depend on the settlement status of your sponsor.

If your sponsor is either a British citizen, holds indefinite leave to remain or you are getting married to your spouse with the intent to both live in the UK you will need to apply for ‘family of a settled person’ visa.

Where your sponsor is an EEA national living in the UK you will likely need to apply for an EEA family permit.

In the event that your sponsor has been granted refugee status or humanitarian protection you may be eligible to apply for what is called a ‘family reunion’.

If your sponsor is living in the UK on a tier 2 or tier 4 visa, you would need to apply as a dependant of a tier 2 or 4 visa holder.

Financial Requirements for a Spouse Visa

Your spouse will need to meet the minimum financial requirements to become your sponsor. The only exception to the financial requirements are given for spouses of persons with refugee status or humanitarian protection.

If you are planning on joining your spouse without any children your sponsor would need to earn a minimum of £18,600 before tax. If you choose to bring a child, the minimum earning required increases to £22,400. Each additional child thereafter will increase that minimum income required by a further £2,400.

Income that can count towards your spouse meeting their income requirement include:

  • Wages
  • Profits from business or self-employment
  • Other income such as rent or shares
  • Pensions
  • Maternity and paternity pay
  • Cash savings that have been in their name for six months or more
  • Disability allowance
  • Personal independence payments
  • Attendance allowance
  • Bereavement benefits

Other Requirements for a Spouse Visa

To be successful in your visa application you will need to provide enough proof to show that you are in a genuine relationship with your sponsor. In general it would be expected that you attach evidence to support each statement you make in your application.

This could include for example marriage certificates and birth certificates of any children, details of shared bank accounts or shared loans including mortgages or rental agreements on both your names showing you clearly were living together as a couple.

If You Are Not Yet Married

If you are not yet married to your sponsor and you wish to travel to the UK as their fiance you can apply for your fiance visa. This type of visa will allow you to live in the UK for up to six months.

After you are married you will be able to apply for a spouse visa. This will be the same if you are joined in a civil partnership.

Spouse visas will allow you to remain in the UK for up to 33 months. Additionally, you will also be allowed to extend this visa with another two and a half years.

After this time, once you have lived in the UK with your spouse for five or more years, you can apply for permanent settlement in the UK.

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