Submitting a Visa Application with the help of Immigration Solicitors

Submitting a visa application in the UK isn’t as easy as you might think.

There are lots of different forms to fill in and a load of evidence to supply.

What you need to provide to the Home Office will depend on what type of visa you apply for.

What’s important to remember is that immigration experts are there to help you, and not seeking their advice could put you in quite the pickle, to put it lightly.

Use our visa checking service before sending in your application.
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Main Problems our Immigration Solicitors See

Day to day the immigration solicitors here at AWH deal with a whole range of clients, each of whom have their different needs.

One of the main problems that they see, however, is people who have tried to submit an application for a visa or extension by themselves, without consulting them first.

Often clients come to us after they have attempted an application themselves, either a new one or an appeal, and have been rejected.

Appeals are costly and time-consuming, so why not save yourself time and money and get the help of an immigration solicitor from the get-go?

We know that submitting a visa application by yourself, or even with the help of a friend, might be more appealing.

But you should bear in mind that you only have access to a basic level of guidance from the Home Office and their website.

In order to avoid mistakes which will cost you your acceptance, it is always best to consult an immigration expert first.

Correct Documents

Specially trained solicitors will ensure that all documents and evidence are bundled in the right order, and that nothing is missing.

For example, if you are applying for a spousal visa, you will need to provide sufficient evidence that your relationship is real.

Solicitors will check that you have enough evidence and that it will be counted as such by the Home Office.

They may advise you to provide more if they don’t think you have enough.

If you were to go ahead and submit without taking their advice, your chances of rejection are naturally higher.

Immigration solicitors will also make sure you are applying for the right type of visa.

There is a wide range of UK visas, and applying for the wrong one would end up in you getting rejected.

Always make sure you are applying for the right visa and eliminate any errors in your papers before you apply.
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Expired Documents

For most visas you will need to provide certifications which prove that you will be able to live in the UK without a problem.

For example, you may have to take an English language test if you are English is not your first language.

You must ensure that if you have taken the test before, that your certification has not expired.

The English language test is valid for two years from the date you pass – after this you will have to retake the test if you have not been granted a visa.

Your passport must be valid at the time you apply, but must also remain valid for your entire stay in the UK.

If you apply for your visa with documents which have expired or are due to expire whilst you are here, you will not be successful.

Furthermore, all documents issued in a language other than English or Welsh must be officially translated.

Our Services

Here at AWH we offer a range of services which will help you with your visa application.

Before you apply, get in touch with our friendly and helpful immigration experts for advice and guidance.

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