A Guide to UK Deportation Rules and Re-Entry Bans

Currently, there is a lot of speculation over what immigration laws will be like after Brexit. You might be feeling quite confused, but don’t worry, it’s difficult for everyone!

One thing that will almost certainly stay the same is the fact that under UK deportation rules, re-entry bans will continue to exist for anyone who has broken UK immigration laws.

This guide will tell you all about UK deportation rules and re-entry bans, what you can receive a re-entry ban for, and how long your ban can last.

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UK deportation rules

What is UK Deportation and What are the Rules?

Deportation is when a person is ordered to leave the United Kingdom, invalidating any leave to enter or remain they may hold.

If someone is deported, they can be detained until they are removed from the UK.

It is illegal for a person to be deported without reason, and there are certain deportation rules in place to make sure this doesn’t happen.

The reasons for deportation from the UK under deportation rules include:

  • The Secretary of State deems the person’s deportation is in the best interests of the public
  • The person in question is the spouse, civil partner, or child of a person ordered to be deported
  • The court has recommended deportation is suitable because the person is over the age of 17 and has been convicted of an offence punishable with imprisonment

In addition to their initial deportation, there are also certain travel restrictions in place to prevent people who have broken immigration laws from re-entering the UK.

If you are worried that you or someone you know might be banned from re-entering the UK, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with UK deportation rules and re-entry bans.

Who Can be Deported and Banned from the UK?

Depending on what you do for the Home Office to deport and ban you, it could range from one to ten years.

If you enter the UK illegally, overstay your visa, breach conditions of your leave or use deception in your application, you will likely face some sort of re-entry ban.

These rules apply for adults who make any of these errors, and for children whose parent/s made these errors on their behalf.

Coming back to the UK after deportation is possible, but it depends on whether you have a re-entry ban, which in turn depends on how you broke UK immigration rules.

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Re-Entry Ban Limits under UK Deportation Rules

No Ban

If you:

  • Overstayed your visa for less than 30 days,
  • Left the UK voluntarily, and
  • Didn’t cause the Home Office any expense,

then you don’t face any re-entry ban.

One Year Ban

If you:

  • Entered illegally, overstayed for more than 30 days, breached a leave condition, or used deception whilst in the UK, but
  • Left the UK voluntarily, without causing the Home Office any expense,

then you face a one year ban.

Two Year Ban

If you:

  • Entered illegally, overstayed for more than 30 days, breached a leave condition, or used deception whilst in the UK, but
  • Left voluntarily but do cause expense to the Home Office, within six months of being served a removal notice or of exhausting the appeals process,

then you face a two year ban.

Five Year Ban

If you:

  • Entered illegally, overstayed for more than 30 days, breached a leave condition or used deception whilst in the UK, but
  • Left the UK voluntarily after six months, or
  • Left or were removed after receiving a caution,

then you face a five year ban.

Ten Year Ban

If you:

  • Are removed or deported from the UK, or
  • Use deception in your application for entry clearance,

then you face a ten year ban.

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