Fall from Height at Work – Can I Claim Compensation?

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Fall from Height at Work
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What Can I do if I Fall from a Height at Work?

A fall from height at work can result in some very serious injuries, whilst also having a lasting impact on your confidence in the workplace.

Here at AWH Solicitors, we are highly experienced in dealing with compensation claims for injuries resulting from falls at work.

Who is at Risk of a Fall from Height at Work?

If you have a job that involves having to be elevated high above the ground, then you are more at risk of having an accident that involves a potential fall. Because of this, your employer should always be taking the appropriate steps to protect you from this risk.

Jobs that increase the possibility of having a serious fall include any that require you to use:

  • Ladders
  • Scaffolding
  • Cherry pickers or cranes

Some professions that may require you to use this equipment include:

  • Supermarket shelf loaders
  • Warehouse workers
  • Roofers
  • Window Cleaners
  • Scaffolders
  • Construction Workers
  • Civil Engineers

In extreme cases, failure to impose the correct health and safety regulations have led to fatalities on building sites and in workplaces that involve working at a height.

If you have suffered a fall from height at work due to improper safety standards, contact us for a chat about how we can help you claim compensation in your situation.

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Fall From Height at Work

How can your Employer Avoid you Suffering a Fall?

It should always be very important to the employer that they have put safety measures in place to ensure that all of their employees are not at risk of an avoidable accident such as a fall from a height. They must follow a duty of care towards you that includes promising to:

  • Have employer’s liability insurance
  • Ensure that there are safe manual handling procedures in place
  • Provide safe equipment and machinery
  • Following health and safety regulations at all times
  • Providing an overall safe working environment

Safety is required of all employers under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, and so legal action can be taken against them if they have not upheld their legal promises.

What Should you do if you’ve Suffered a Fall at Work?

If you’ve suffered a fall then you might feel that you’re facing a long road to recovery, both physically and mentally.

Your financial situation may also be something that is concerning you, and compensation can help make up for the loss of earnings that may occur during the time that you need to fully recover. Additionally, it can help pay for any medical bills and travel expenses that will be needed.

Although it may not be possible in the aftermath of your accident, if you can get photographs of the area where your accident happened then this can help our solicitors with your case. Even if you don’t have photo evidence, you may still have a strong case against your employer if they are found to have been negligent in their safety procedures.

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