Can I claim for a foot injury at work?

Whilst often under-appreciated, if you’ve suffered a foot injury at work, you’ll know how important our feet are in helping us get where we need to be and to lead a full and active life. If you’ve suffered from an injury to your feet, we understand how it will have affected you.

Our specialist industrial disease solicitors can help you gain compensation for an accident causing foot injury that could have been avoided.

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Foot Injury at Work

What are the different types of foot injury?

Suffering a foot injury at work could mean that you have been the victim of a number of different possibilities. It may be that something has been dropped on the top of your foot, that you have stood on something that has caused damage to the underside of your foot or that damage has been caused to your toes. The foot is made up of three sections – in order to ascertain the extent of the damage and support your claim, it is helpful to understand which part of your foot you have damaged. The three sections are:

  • The Hind-foot

This consists of the ankle and the heel. This section is very important for providing support to the rest of the leg. The heel bone, which is the biggest bone in the foot, is also located here.

  • The Mid-foot

This is shaped like a pyramid and has bones which make up the arches in the foot.

  • The Fore-foot

This is where the toes are located, as well as five bones of longer length which are called the metatarsals.

There are also a lot of muscles, tendons, and ligaments located in the feet, and injury to any of these can also stop you being able to walk, run or raise onto your toes. It is important to seek medical advice if you have suffered a foot injury at work, to avoid any potential for it to get worse. Once you have medical advice on your injury, contact us for a chat about the next legal steps.

How do you get a foot injury at work?

Injuries to the feet can include a wide range of different scenarios. If you work in an environment that requires you or your colleagues to move heavy items, there may have been an incident in which something was dropped on your foot.

In some workplaces, there may have been a situation in which a vehicle has been driven over your foot.

You also may have tripped, slipped or fallen due to a dangerous surface.

Whatever the exact circumstances of your foot injury, if your employer has failed to protect you from dangerous hazards then you could make a claim for compensation against them. Contact us today for help with your foot injury case.

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Suffering from a foot injury at work can take time and energy to recover from, and we want to offer as much legal support as possible to allow you to do that. With a compensation payment that can go towards the costs of recovery, you can focus on getting back to your normal way of life.

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