Injury and Disease Compensation for Welders

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Welding Injury and Disease
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Can I Claim Injury and Disease Compensation for Welders?

If you have worked in an industry that has involved you carrying out the task of welding, then you are more at risk of disease and injury if you haven’t been provided with the necessary safety equipment.

Claiming compensation for the different medical issues that your job may have caused you is an important part of the recovery process. Here at AWH Solicitors, we have a great deal of experience in guiding clients through industrial disease claims and can help you with every stage of the journey.

What Injuries are Commonly Caused by Welding?

With such a large amount of heat and equipment needed to complete the process of welding, there is risk of sustaining a number of different injuries. Some of these injuries can be:


The sparks that are emanated from the process of welding can cause second and third-degree burns, in addition to potentially causing a serious fire issue.

Arc Radiation

Exposure to the ultraviolet light and radiation that is produced from the ‘arc rays’ that occur during the welding process can cause skin burns and damage the retina of the eyes. This is known as Arc Eyes.

Welders Flash

Constant exposure to excess light and radiation can cause welders flash. This involves tearing eyes, sensitivity to light, dry eyes and burning sensations in the eyes.

If you have suffered from an injury due to a lack of safety equipment provided by your employer, we can help you with your compensation claim.

What Diseases can be Caused by Welding?

Unfortunately, the process of welding also exposes workers to the potential development of a host of diseases. Some of these diseases can include:

  • Respiratory Disorders
  • Brain Damage
  • Nerve Damage
  • Lung Cancer
  • Skin Cancer

All of these are caused by the toxic fumes that get released during the welding process.

Additionally, there is also something known as ‘Welders Parkinson’s’ or Manganism. Welding rods, electrodes, and wires often contain manganese, an element that is known to cause nerve damage if inhaled.

Manganism includes symptoms like dementia, ataxia, anxiety, a mask-like face, short-term memory loss, slurred speech, sleep disorders, and impaired judgment. It causes symptoms that are similar to Parkinson’s disease. The brain and nerve damage that can happen are also permanent.

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Welding Injury and Disease

How we Can Help you with your Compensation Claim

If you have worked in a job that has involved you carrying out the task of welding, your employer should have ensured that certain safety procedures were fulfilled in order to protect you from the harm that can be caused by the work. The duty of care that needs to be fulfilled by your employer involves them carrying out a number of things that ensure that the workplace is as safe as it can possibly be. This includes:

  • Carrying out regular risk assessments that address all potential harm in the workplace.
  • Giving all employees information about the risks that are in their workplace and how they are protected, in addition to instructing and training employees on how to avoid them.
  • Consulting employees on health and safety issues. This consultation must either be direct, or through a safety representative that is elected by the workforce or appointed by the trade union.

If you have either suffered an injury or developed a disease due to your employer not sufficiently protecting you from the risks that are associated with welding, then we can help you with making a claim for compensation.

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