International Workers’ Memorial Day 2023

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International Workers’ Memorial Day 2023
LLB (Hons) & LPC Stacy Pimlott
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International Workers’ Memorial Day (IWMD) 2023

International Workers’ Memorial Day (IWMD) is held on April 28th every year, uniting Trade Unions, workers, and their representatives from across the globe. IWMD honours those who have lost their lives while working and continues to campaign for safer working conditions for all.

The Retained EU Law is threatening to reverse years of hard-won protections for workers that have been in place for decades. For example, the Retained EU Law threatens vital health and safety regulations that shield employees from hazardous materials at work. It is imperative that we utilize IWMD 2023 to safeguard the right of workers to a safe working environment.

Annually, the International Trades Union Congress selects a theme for Workers’ Memorial Day. For 2023, the theme will be: Global: Organising for health and safety – a crucial part of union action.

What is International Workers’ Memorial Day 2023?

International Workers’ Memorial Day originated in 1986 in North America. It has since become a worldwide occasion acknowledged by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the International Trade Union Movement (ITUC).

Unfortunately, every year we see individuals lose their lives while working due to their employers’ failure to prioritize their safety.

The latest statistics from The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reveal there were 123 fatal accidents at work in Britain in 2022 alone. Additionally, according to a Labour Force Survey, 565,000 working people sustained an injury at work.

AWH Solicitors Supporting IWMD 2023

AWH Solicitors is supporting the International Workers’ Memorial Day 2023.

To show our support for those who have been killed whilst, at work, our solicitors will be joining union activists across the country by taking part in a one-minute silence held on 28th April at 12 pm in remembrance of all those who have died because of their work.

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