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Tennis Elbow Caused by Work
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If you are in a job that involves using your arms to perform repetitive tasks, you may be at risk of developing tennis elbow. If you are suffering from tennis elbow which was caused at work, we can help you claim compensation.  We are experts at handling repetitive strain injury claims, so if you are suffering from this condition, get in touch.

How is Tennis Elbow Caused by Work?

Any task that requires repetitive movement of your arm can cause tennis elbow. If your job requires you to do this then you may be at greater risk of developing the injury, unless your employer puts suitable health and safety measures in place to protect their employees.

Some jobs that can put you at high risk of developing a tennis elbow caused by work include:

  • Painter
  • Tiler
  • Mechanic
  • Production line worker
  • Plasterer

An office job that involves extended use of a keyboard can also be cause for tennis elbow claims, as typing repeatedly without breaks can inflame the elbow tendons. Jobs that involve carrying heavy loads and therefore overuse of the elbow can also be risky and cause tennis elbow caused by work.

We understand that tennis elbow can be both painful and inconvenient, as it can stop you being able to work in addition to affecting your everyday life. We have helped many clients with their repetitive strain injury claim, and we can help you too. 

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Tennis Elbow Caused by Work - Tennis elbow claims

What is Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow is an inflammation that occurs just above the elbow joint on the outer side of the arm. The pain can also spread to the forearm and to the wrist and happens because of injured or damaged tendons near the elbow. This happens when the forearm muscles are repeatedly contracted, and if they are unable to have sufficient rest then strained tendons will become thickened due to scar tissue.

Without time to heal, they will then become permanently weakened.

The symptoms of tennis elbow caused by work can include pain and tenderness when:

  • Trying to bend your hand back whilst straightening your elbow
  • Trying to straighten your fingers against resistance
  • Bending the wrist while straightening the elbow
  • Trying to straighten the wrist against resistance while straightening the elbow

There are often no outward symptoms of tennis elbow, and it tends to affect one arm more than the other.

For some people the symptoms gradually appear after they have done the same type of work for several years. For others it flares up after a specific workplace accident when you have damaged your elbow significantly.

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Can I Make a Tennis Elbow Claim?

All employers have a legal responsibility to protect their employees from potential health and safety risks, regardless of the nature of your job.

In order to reduce any tennis elbow injuries and tennis elbow claims, employers must carry out regular assessments and put measures in place to protect their employees. These measures could include:

  • Educating their employees on the health risks of repetitive actions and good preventative actions
  • Rotating staff so that everyone can take regular breaks
  • Using machines wherever possible to reduce any physical injury
  • Creating ergonomic workstations for workers who use computers and keyboards

If you feel that your employer has failed to protect you from a tennis elbow caused by work, you could be entitled to make a claim against them.

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