Troops Eligible for Compensation after Damage Caused by Faulty Tanks

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Ajax Tanks
LLB (Hons) & LPC Stacy Pimlott
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The Ministry of Defence could be due to pay out compensation to troops who suffered joint pain and hearing loss because of faulty ‘Ajax’ vehicles. If they can prove that they have lost out on lengthy careers due to these injuries, then they will have valid cases. Already more than 300 soldiers are in the process of claiming.

What are the Ajax tanks?

The Ajax tanks were supposed to be revolutionary vehicles for the British Army. Billed as a new multi-role, fully-digitised armoured fighting vehicle that delivers a step-change in versatility and agility, it is supposedly the biggest single order of armoured vehicles in a generation. It consists of five other variants, named Ares, Athena, Atlas, Apollo and Argus which are designed to cover roles ranging from troop carrying to recovery, command and control. It will perform a number of roles, including support of the British Army’s new Strike Brigades.

However, injuries have been caused by the noise of the engine and vibrations during trials of the vehicle. Ajax has also struggled to fire accurately on the move and to reverse over obstacles. Trials of the vehicle were paused earlier this year, but have now resumed with manufacturers General Dynamics providing test drivers. The programme has already cost the MoD over £3billion.

MoD and their Duty of Care

Any employer has a duty of care to their employees, no matter the kind of job that you are employed in. When an employer fails to protect the safety of their employees and exposes them to harm that could have been avoided, then a claim can be made. Putting in a claim against the Ministry of Defence can seem daunting, but with the right legal support you can get the compensation that you deserve. Whilst each case will depend on individual elements, if a Service person can prove that they have lost out on a lengthy career, then their claim may be worth many hundreds of thousands of pounds.

MoD’s duty of care in relation to hearing loss

Hearing is generally graded from H1 (which is perfect) to H4. Those with a grading of H2 will have some effect on their employability. Those graded H3 or H4 face a grading of MLD (Medically Limited Deployable) or MND (Medically Non-Deployable). In many cases, personnel with impaired hearing face medical discharge. Once discharged from the army, many ex-service personnel prefer to go into jobs that require medicals. This damage therefore limits their job prospects. Hearing problems are unfortunately far from rare in the forces and are an issue that follows affected individuals throughout their lives. If you have been in the armed forces and have noticed a change in your hearing, it is important to get a medical opinion as soon as possible.

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