Women in the military at risk of injury

It has only been recently that all areas of the armed forces have been open to women. However, despite the roles now being open to females, the equipment provided is still optimised for the male body.

As a result, women in the military have been found to have more frequently suffered from serious issues as a result of kit that has not been correctly optimised for them.

It is not uncommon for women to be at greater risk of injury than men. For example, according to figures released earlier this year, the use of male crash test dummies makes women 71 per cent more likely to be injured and 17 per cent more likely to die in a car accident than men.

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Women in the Military Suffer Avoidable Injuries

What is the impact for women in the military?

There have been a number of issues with the equipment that is provided for women serving in the army. Female Royal Marine and Army recruits are suffering career-threatening injuries from wearing a kit-carrying system that is specially designed for men. The 90-litre rucksack is standard issue and all recruits are expected to use it, yet the weight distribution is optimised for a male body. This is leading to immense pain and avoidable injuries for many female recruits.

Leg and hip problems are becoming commonplace, whilst there have even been reports of major incidents. The first female Royal Marine, Phillipa Birch, suffered a stress fracture when she fell whilst carrying all the components of the ‘Virtus’ body armour.

It is claimed by the military that this armour system is ‘designed to address the negative impacts on tactical mobility, survivability and muscular skeletal injury caused by excessive load carriage by the dismounted soldier,’ as well as apparently being ‘better fitting than older body armour.’

They make further claims that it has a radical innovation of a ‘dynamic weight distribution system,’ and that this is achieved through a ‘spine’ device that is ‘linked to the user’s waist belt and helps spread the load of the body armour [and] a daysack across the back, shoulders and hips.’ But this is optimised for the back, shoulders and hips of men, and when not taking into consideration the differences in the male and female body, the armed forces are putting themselves at considerable risk of negligence claims through not optimising this safety equipment for women.

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Military Training Accidents

For women in the military, the lack of suitable equipment is predominantly leading to accidents in training. Therefore, before they are even deployed, women in the armed forces are suffering from injuries that could have been avoided. Training accidents most often happen from lack of preparation, and from poor equipment – which is the case here. If you have experienced one of the following whilst in training, we can likely help you:

  • Combat/riot training
  • Parachuting accident
  • Fire-related incident
  • Accident caused by faulty or inadequate equipment or machinery
  • Road traffic accident
  • Sports injury

Although there are supposed to be procedures in place that will reduce the chances of a training accident happening, this is not the case if the differences in male and female bodies are not being considered by the military. If you have suffered as a result of this, then we can help you claim compensation.

What can you claim for in a military accident?

A military accident claim works in the same way as all industrial disease and personal injury claims, so you can be compensated for:

  • Pension loss
  • Delay or loss of promotion
  • Costs of past, present and future care and treatment
  • Psychological suffering
  • Physical pain
  • Past and future loss of earnings
  • Equipment and/or adapted housing

We want to provide help for you to focus on your healing process without having to worry about the significant financial implications. With our help, you can get the compensation that you may need to move forward from your accident.

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