400 Women Affected By Dangerous Care Of Former Derby Doctor

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Concerns about the wellbeing of many women treated by a Derby surgeon have been raised, after he was accused of unnecessarily harming hundreds of women. Any women who believe that they may have been affected have been encouraged to seek legal advice, as they may be entitled to support in making a case.

‘Unnecessary’ Harm

Staff at the Royal Derby Hospital first raised concerns into the care being offered by Dr Daniel Hay in 2018, after it was found that they may have suffered unnecessary harm whilst under the care of the former consultant gynaecologist. The initial 2018 review then led to a further inquiry into the treatment of nearly 200 women in April 2020, with 79 being contacted after their care in September 2020. On top of these initial figures, a further 110 women who attended an outpatient clinic in Ripley Hospital between April 2017 and July 2018 have been contact about the standard of care that they were given. The hospital trust has noted that the rate of serious complications following treatment by Dr Hay was ‘higher than would usually be expected.’ One woman who had been treated stated that she had been left ‘in agony’ and with dangerous complications.

Dr Daniel Hay had already retired from practicing medicine due to mental health issues, which he has stated his former hospital were supporting him with. After this initial retirement, he was still legally allowed to practice medicine in the UK. However, as of July 23rd 2021, he is now listed as ‘registered without a licence to practice.’ As the GMC continues to investigate, he could later be struck off the medical register entirely.

Medical Negligence Claims

If you have suffered due to the negligence of a medical professional, then you should always be given the right legal support to make a compensation claim. If you have received substandard care, then it will fall under the legal categorisation of medical negligence. When classifying an event as medical negligence, it must fall under a system known as the ‘Four D’s.’ These four areas must be found to have had failings in them. These areas are:


The duty of care that a medical professional must agree to is detailed in the oath that they swear at the beginning of their career. If they are found to have failed in their duty of care, then a claim can potentially be made against them.


This is the failure of a medical professional to maintain an agreed-upon relationship with a patient. This means that the professional did not meet the expected standards, and stepped out of bounds.


This references the quantifiable amount that a patient has lost due to medical negligence. Damages may cover your medical bills, lost earnings, and ultimately the suffering that you experienced because of the medical negligence. Emotional injury may be hard to quantify, but it can be determined by considering the severity of the injury, length of recovery time, future medical costs and the overall circumstances.

Direct Cause

In some ways, this is the most important factor of proving medical negligence because you must be able to prove that the causation was direct between the negative treatment and the negative outcome to your health. A legal professional will be able to assure that you have all of the correct evidence to make this case.

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