Can I Sue My Doctor For Misdiagnosis?

Can I sue my Doctor for Misdiagnosis?
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Can I Make a Misdiagnosis Claim against my Doctor?

Are you wondering if you can sue your doctor for misdiagnosis? If your GP has misdiagnosed you, causing a delay in treatment leaving your condition to worsen, you are likely entitled to compensation.

If your doctor has misdiagnosed you, you likely weren’t referred to the right specialist when you should have, and you likely didn’t receive the treatment and/or medication you required. This can cause your condition to worsen, and other medical issues to develop. In a worst case scenario misdiagnosis can have a permanent effect on your life, and even cut your life short.

If your condition has been misdiagnosed by your doctor, we can help you claim the compensation you deserve.

When calculating how much compensation you are entitled many factors will be considered. These include; any medical costs, travel costs going to appointments, time off work for illness and care you received while you were sick or injured.


What is Considered Misdiagnosis?

There are three categories of misdiagnosis claims, which are:

  • Total misdiagnosis, in which the symptoms are not diagnosed at all
  • Wrongful diagnosis, in which the symptoms are incorrectly diagnosed
  • Late diagnosis, in which the symptoms are diagnosed beyond a reasonable time lapse

In some of the worse cases, patients may even undergo the wrong treatment or surgery due to misdiagnosis.

If you have been unfortunate enough to have found yourself in one of these situations then our expert solicitors can help you find out if you can get compensated.

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Do you want to find out if you can sue your doctor for misdiagnosis?

Can I sue my Doctor for Misdiagnosis?

Why does Medical Misdiagnoses Occur?

Your doctor may misdiagnose your condition for a number of reasons. They may not carry out necessary tests, or they might carry out the incorrect tests for the symptoms.

In unfortunate cases, a patient being assessed by a less experienced doctor can lead to medical errors if a more experienced professional has not double checked their diagnosis.

A misdiagnosis of your medical condition can be traumatic for a number of reasons. If your actual diagnosis turns out to be worse than the original, then you may have lost valuable time to start the correct treatment for your condition. On the other hand, if your misdiagnosis overestimated the serious nature of your condition then you may have been put through needless worry and suffering.

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How Would my Misdiagnosis Claim be Calculated?

Because of the varying seriousness in cases of this type, there would be a number of things that would have to be considered when your compensation is being calculated for a misdiagnosis case. These would be:

  • If you have received treatment for the wrong illness or condition
  • If you have had surgery that you didn’t need
  • If your real illness has got worse

This list is not exhaustive, and if you have suffered at all as the result of your doctor’s misdiagnosis then you can likely make a claim. Contact our legal advisors today for an informative chat.

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Suing your Doctor for Misdiagnosis – How to get Started

We understand that misdiagnosis claims of this nature can be very traumatic for everyone involved, and so we want to be able to offer as much support as possible. We can make the legal process as simple and stress-free as possible, so you can focus on your recovery and what really matters to you.

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