Failed Root Canal Compensation Claims

Failed Root Canal
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Can I Claim for a Failed Root Canal?

A root canal treatment may be required if you are suffering from a bacterial infection in your tooth. As part of the treatment, your dentist removes this harmful bacteria, before the tooth is sealed back up.

You might be able to claim compensation for a failed root canal treatment if you were left with additional dental problems or if your dentist failed to remove the harmful bacteria properly. If your dentist failed to remove this bacteria, your dental problems will likely worsen.

When we Can Help You Claim

If you are in pain, suffering from the results of a failed root canal treatment, we can help you claim compensation.

The compensation you can claim for will help you cover the costs of any medical and dental treatment you’ll require to repair the damage caused. It will also cover any time you had to take off work unpaid, as well as any travel expenses.

For us to be able to help you with your root canal claim, the negligent care must have been provided to you within the last 3 years.

What is a Root Canal and What can Go Wrong?

Root canal treatment, also known as endodontics, is a dental procedure that is used to treat an infection at the centre of a tooth. This can happen after tooth decay, leaky fillings or damage to the teeth due to an accident.

Root canal treatment is generally required when dental X-rays show that the root of the tooth has been damaged by a bacterial infection. Symptoms of this include:

  • Pain when eating or drinking hot or cold food and drink
  • Pain when biting or chewing
  • A loose tooth

Unfortunately, it can sometimes seem like the tooth may have healed because the symptoms will stop when the tooth has died. However, the infection may then have spread to the root canal system. You will then get more severe symptoms. These are:

  • Your face swelling
  • Pus oozing from the affected tooth
  • Pain when biting or chewing
  • Swelling of the gums
  • The tooth darkening in colour

During root canal treatment your dentist removes the bacteria from the root canal system, filling the empty gap and then sealing the tooth with a filling or crown.

If the root canal treatment failed and the bacteria is not removed properly then the infection is able to develop further, causing further dental and health issues.

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Failed Root Canal

Can I Make a Claim?

If your dentist has failed to successfully carry out a root canal procedure and have been negligent in their care towards you, then you may be able to make a claim against them.

Making a dental negligence claim can sometimes seem daunting, but our trained solicitors can provide you with all that you will need in order to have a very simple claims process. Get in touch for a chat about your situation.

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How Long will my Claim Take?

It is difficult to be able to say exactly how long it will take for your dental negligence claim to be resolved. The process is twofold, and the two steps that are involved include;

  • Firstly, proving liability for who was responsible for your failed root canal. This will most likely be your dentist
  • Secondly, providing the evidence for how the failed root canal has had an effect on your life

If liability is disputed by the professional that carried out your procedure, then the claims process can sometimes take longer. If your condition has been particularly bad, this can also lengthen the process.

If there is anything in the claims process that you are uncertain about, a chat with our specialists can make everything clear.

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