Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Hospital Trust – Maternity Ward Update

Ockenden Report Findings regarding Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust
BSC, LLB (Hons) & LPC Sophia Azam
Legally reviewed by: BSC, LLB (Hons) & LPC Sophia Azam In: Medical Negligence

The Final Report into Maternity Care at Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Hospital Trust is to be Published on Wednesday 28 March 2022.

Ockenden Inquiry

The inquiry was set up in 2017 to look at maternity care at Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Hospital Trust. An interim report published in December 2020 showed that babies and women had tragically died following receiving unsafe care.

Interim Findings for Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Hospital Trust

An interim report was published in December 2020 which in summary highlighted a range of failings including:

  • A lack of kindness and compassion.
  • Midwives not demonstrating an appropriate level of competency.
  • Failures to escalate concerns to senior members of staff.
  • Inappropriate use of oxytocin.
  • Low caesarean section rates.
  • Poor bereavement care.
  • Poor anaesthetic practice.

The interim report included some immediate and essential actions to improve care.

Some of the Key Suggested Improvements Included:

  • Listening to women and families.
  • Providing women with information so that they can make informed choices.
  • carrying out thorough risk assessments.
  • Fetal monitoring in line with NICE guidance.
  • Women with pre-existing medical issues to be seen by a multidisciplinary specialist team with a named Consultant lead.
  • A lead Midwife and Obstetrician to lead the services.
  • Including Obstetric anaesthetists into the team.
  • Improved information sharing between staff so that vital information is not missed.
  • Working collaboratively with other neighbouring trusts.
  • Improving staff training.


What remains to be seen in the final report is the full extent of this tragedy and to what extent these plans have been implemented.

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