NHS Sets Aside £1.3 Billion for Covid Compensation Pay-Outs

NHS Sets Aside £1.3 Billion for Covid Compensation Pay-Outs
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NHS Resolution to Set Aside £1.3million for COVID Compensation Pay-Outs

NHS Resolution, the organisation that handles negligence disputes, is expecting an increase in claims for delays, cancellations, misdiagnosis, and avoidable deaths caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, NHS Resolution has set aside £1.3 billion to aid in COVID compensation pay-outs.

A Breakdown of the COVID Compensation Pay-Out Figures

The NHS has set aside a figure of £470 million for COVID compensation pay-outs, directly relating to the treatment of COVID. This is an increase from £350 million that was set aside in the first year of the pandemic

Additionally, NHS Resolution has set aside £610 million for claims relating to victims of misdiagnosis and delays in treatment caused by the pandemic. Again, this is an increase from the amount set aside in the first year of the pandemic which then stood at £210 million.

Finally, the remaining £220 million is designated to cover any claims relating to COVID vaccines, employee liability, and care homes.

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Fears the Compensation Pay-Out Will Not Cover Enough Claims

Professionals are viewing the COVID compensation pay-out figure as an acknowledgment of ongoing unintended consequences of Covid restrictions. These consequences are estimated to endure for some time, with many claims being brought forward.

Medical negligence solicitors are seeing many of these claims succeed, although there are fears that with the extent of direct and indirect deaths due to COVID, the sum is not enough to cover all the claims.

In the annual report, NHS Resolution has admitted that the total sum is “fairly limited” as service were not as disrupted from 2021/2022. In addition, most claims relate to maternity services which operated largely as normal throughout the pandemic.

NHS Resolution commented: “While a small number of claims related to Covid have been received, it will take several years for the impacts of Covid to fully materialise, due to the time lags between incidents, claims and ultimately their settlement.”

“As a result, there is limited experience from which to quantify the impacts of Covid on the provisions and our estimates are subject to uncertainty.”

NHS Sets Aside £1.3 Billion for Covid Compensation Pay-Outs
Figure 1: Early this year MPs warned that the NHS compensation system which costs the taxpayer around £2billion each year, is ‘not fit for purpose’. This graph shows a break down of fees paid out by the NHS for negligence claims.

Thousands of Patients Made Victims Due to Postponed Treatment

Delays in treatment throughout 2020 and 2021 are expected to surface in the next few years as many individuals are only just realizing the consequences of not being able to be seen sooner.

NHS delays have created a huge backlog, with 7.1 million in the queue in September. Reports have revealed that hundreds of thousands of patients have waited for more than a year for treatment.

NHS Sets Aside £1.3 Billion for Covid Compensation Pay-Outs
Figure 2: An annual report from NHS Resolution, predicts a surge in claims for treatment delays, cancellations, and misdiagnoses relating to COVID. This graph shows how much the NHS has paid out in claims over the past decade.

A Rise in Health Problems for the Middle Aged

Data from the Office for National Statistics is showing England and Wales to have logged around eight percent more deaths this year in comparison to the pre-pandemic average.

As a result, there has been a rise in health issues in the middle-aged group. Heart issues in particular are becoming more common.

Mr Barclay, Health Secretary, pointed to a rise in middle-aged people with heart problems at The Spectator Health Summit yesterday.

He said: “It’s the result of delays in that age group seeing the GP because of the pandemic and in some cases not getting statins or hypertensives in time. When coupled with delays to ambulance times, we see this reflected in the excess death numbers. In time we may see a similar challenge in cancer data.”

In addition, experts in England are warning of a rise in cancer deaths due to pandemic-related delays.

Official figures are showing up to 230 additional fatalities due to the disease being registered weekly.

Professor Pat Price, a leading oncologist warned the cancer backlog is the “deadliest and most time-pressing of all” and failing to tackle it will see excess cancer deaths for “years to come”.

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