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Dental negligence covers a range of issues, from a delay in treatment to nerve injury to cosmetic dentistry errors. However you have suffered, you deserve to be compensated so that you can focus on moving forward with your life.

When it comes to your dental health, suffering because of someone else’s mistake can not only affect you physically, but emotionally too. You could be left in severe pain, or you could feel conscious about the appearance of your teeth

Can I Make a Claim Against a Dental Professional?

Many people don’t realise that it’s possible to make a claim against a dental professional when they have been subject to dental negligence. However, it is entirely possible, and can have important, positive benefits for you going forward. Interestingly, it can also show areas of negligence which need to be addressed within the dental profession.

Thus, making a claim after suffering negligence can not only get you compensated for your pain and suffering, but can also help to highlight issues within the surgery or hospital you visited, which can prevent future patients from suffering in the same way you have.

A successful claim for compensation can also help you to pay for additional and/or corrective dental treatment to fix or replace the damage you have suffered.

With the right solicitor by your side, making a no win, no fee claim against a dental professional can be straight-forward.

Claim Compensation for Dental Negligence

We can help you start your no win, no fee dental negligence claim if you have suffered due to dental negligence in the past three years.

no win no fee dental negligence claims

What Types of Dental Negligence are There?

Dental negligence includes injury and illness directly caused or made worse by a dental professional. Some common examples of dental negligence include:

  • Nerve injuries
  • Administration errors
  • Delayed or incorrect diagnosis – especially of oral cancers
  • Gum/other dental disease misdiagnosis
  • Cosmetic and restorative dentistry errors
  • Mistakes in treatment which leads to loss or damage of multiple teeth

It is unacceptable for you to suffer because of someone else’s mistake, so whatever type of dental negligence you have been subject to, you deserve to be compensated.

Any dentist or other dental professional can be negligent, so you can pursue a claim against the NHS or a private practice, whether they are fully qualified dentist or an assistant. To get started with your no win no fee dental negligence claim, simply get in touch. 

Dental Nerve Injuries

No win, no fee dental negligence claims can be made when you are suffering in the aftermath of a nerve injury. Errors during oral surgeries such as tooth extractions can cause nerve injuries, which can be very painful. You might also experience physical changes to your appearance and psychological problems as a direct result of a nerve injury caused by a negligent practitioner.

You might not immediately realise that you have suffered from a nerve injury, so these are some common symptoms for you to be on the look-out for:

  • Tingling feeling in your mouth and/or jaw
  • A burning sensation in your jaw
  • Pain and/or aching in the forehead, eyes, jaw or cheeks
  • A loss of sensation in your mouth
  • A tugging or pulling sensation in your tongue
  • Lack of control over saliva

These symptoms can be very uncomfortable and painful, and can often worsen over time. You may experience just one of these symptoms, but it is more likely that you would have multiple affecting you daily.

Cosmetic Dentistry Negligence

Cosmetic dental treatment is becoming more popular in the UK. It is often pursued by people who want to correct or improve the way their teeth look, so the most common procedures are crowns and braces.

When carried out without error, cosmetic dental treatment can leave you feeling fantastic about your new smile and give you a big confidence boost. However, sometimes mistakes do happen and treatment can go wrong.

For example, if crowns aren’t fitted correctly they can damage the teeth underneath them which can lead to tooth decay. It can be expensive to resolve this issue, and can be painful and unpleasant for the patient to experience.

Similarly, if braces aren’t fitted correctly or aren’t maintained well by an orthodontist, they can cause the wearer difficulties when they have been removed. Again, this can be expensive to rectify.

You can make a claim if your dental healthcare professional has failed to provide you with advice about how to maintain your teeth and their health whilst you have had crowns or braces.

Why should I Claim Compensation for Dental Negligence?

Dental treatment, whether it be clinical or cosmetic, is often quite expensive. Because of this, you understandably expect to receive high quality treatment.

If you don’t receive the level you expect, you will likely be left feeling angry that you have spent your hard earned money on substandard dental treatment. This is where compensation from a dental negligence claim can help you out.

When your compensation is calculated, the amount you have already paid as well as how much it will cost to rectify the mistake (if this is possible) will be taken into account.

No Win, No Fee Dental Negligence Claims with AWH

If you have suffered from any form of dental negligence in the past three years, or have only come to realise that you have suffered within this time, we could help you with your no win no fee dental negligence claim.

We understand that you are suffering and might be worried about beginning a claim because of costs it might incur, especially if you’ve already paid out a lot for your dental work.

That’s why we offer no win, no fee agreements for our dental negligence claims. This way, you don’t have to worry about paying a penny if your claim is unsuccessful. If you do win, we only take a small fee to cover our work with you, which is worked out on a percentage basis of your compensation amount.

We can guide you through the claims process, explaining everything to you in detail before you make a decision as to whether you want to make a claim. Here at AWH we not only offer expert legal advice, but also are there to support our clients when they most need it.

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