Nottingham Maternity Scandal: Families Still Face Negligent Maternity Care

Nottingham Maternity Scandal
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It has been one year since the independent launch of the maternity care review into NHS’s Nottingham Maternity Scandal. The investigation is looking into around 1,800 families affected by negligence. However, one year on from the launch, families are still coming forward with their stories of poor care.

The independent review investigates Nottingham University Hospital NHS Trust over a 10-year period. The review followed maternity failings resulting in the death and injury of babies.

Investigation into Nottingham Maternity Scandal Led by Donna Ockenden

The investigation is being led by former midwife Donna Ockenden. Ms Ockenden has led previous successful reviews into maternity care at Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust. In 2022 Ms Ockenden revealed that failures in care at Nottingham Trust may have led to the death to over 200 babies.

Families Still Facing Negligent Maternity Care Following Nottingham Maternity Scandal

Although things are improving internally in the trust, many solicitors have reported that they are not seeing this reflect in the amount of claims surfacing. In an article published by Sky News, solicitors state that “Those at the top, many appear to be well-being, want to improve care, want to show change.” However, many solicitors are failing to see that filter down. Solicitors are asking those senior managers to listen to their staff and the families affected, taking their complaints seriously.

Police Announce Criminal Inquiry into Nottingham Maternity Scandal

On Wednesday 6th September, Chief Constable Kate Meynell met with Donna Ockenden to discuss her independent review into maternity cases of potentially significant concern at the Trust. She adds that the police hope to build a clearer picture of the work that is taking place.

“We want to work alongside the review but also ensure that we do not hinder its progress.”

“However, I am in a position to say we are preparing to launch a police investigation.”

“I have appointed the Assistant Chief Constable, Rob Griffin, to oversee the preparations and the subsequent investigation.”

“We are currently looking at the work being done in Shrewsbury and Telford by West Mercia Police to understand how they conducted their investigation alongside Donna Ockenden’s review and any lessons learnt,” said Ms Meynell.

“Now we have met with Donna Ockenden we plan to hold preliminary discussions with some local families in the near future.”

A statement from the campaigning parents welcomes the police investigation. The police’s involvement uses a wealth of information from victim families, helping to paint a better picture. Many of the victims have a number of alleged crimes that they will be sharing as evidence with the police to assist in the investigation.

Statement from Chief Executive of Nottingham University Hospitals

In a statement given to Sky News, Anthony May, chief executive of Nottingham University Hospitals, said: “We know that the independent review is important for women and families, and for the future of the trust.

“Over the past year, we have prioritised our engagement with the review and will continue to do so.”

“Above all, we are committed to making the necessary improvements to our maternity services and supporting our teams to deliver safe and informed care, for all women and families.”

Mr May adds that he regularly meets with Donna Ockenden and listens to the feedback, formulating an improvement plan. In July 2023, he made a commitment to families to have an open and honest relationship with the families involved in the review. Mr May notes that there is still a long way to go but the trust is making progress.

“We are focused on learning from incidents, improving our culture and communicating more effectively with women and families that use our services.”

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