Can I claim for my wrong tooth extraction UK?

It is traumatic to go through a wrong tooth extraction. UK compensation claims for this unfortunate situation are still common, with some disreputable dentists looking to make more money by carrying out the wrong procedures on their patients. In other cases your dentist may have extracted the wrong tooth by mistake.

If you have been unfortunate enough to find yourself a victim of this, our expert dental negligence solicitors are ready to assist you with your case.

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Wrong Tooth Extraction UK

What are wrong tooth extractions UK?

There are a number of different dental negligence claims, but one of the most common is where the wrong tooth has been extracted. There are a number of valid reasons that you may have to undergo extraction of your teeth.

These include:

  • Irreparable tooth damage from decay

In some cases, a root canal procedure may be an alternative to help to treat an infection that may spread from this.

  • Periodontal disease

This is an infection of the gums, periodontal ligaments, alveolar bone and other structures that are surrounding the teeth. Gingivitis is an early stage of this infection. If your tooth begins to loosen due to periodontal disease, then extraction may be a valid option.

  • An impacted tooth

A tooth is impacted when it is blocked from coming out, or when the gums did not fully erupt and allow the teeth through. This can often be the case for wisdom teeth and they will have to be extracted.

  • To eliminate teeth overcrowding

Sometimes there may be overcrowding in the mouth and some teeth will have to be extracted. This is also often the case when you have to have braces and there isn’t enough room to move the teeth into the correct position.

  • After an accident

In the aftermath of a serious accident, the priority is always to try and preserve the original teeth. However, in some cases the risk of infection is a greater priority and the tooth will have to be removed.

These are all very reasonable examples of tooth extraction. However, in extreme cases, dentists will unnecessarily extract teeth or accidentally extract the wrong tooth. A dentist may this way make more of a profit under the NHS fee system. For example, they could make more from extracting a tooth in a single appointment, rather than spreading a root canal procedure across two appointments.

If you feel that you have been the victim of unnecessary or wrong tooth extraction, we may be able to help you with making a compensation claim.

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Can I make a compensation claim?

If you have had the wrong tooth extracted, or even a tooth extracted that could have been saved with alternative treatment, the first part of your claim will involve being able to prove liability for who caused the unnecessary treatment. In most cases, this will be your dentist. We will also have to prove that the treatment was unnecessary.

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