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Claim Compensation after a Car Accident

Car accident solicitors are very important to the compensation process if you have been injured in a road traffic accident. From resolving whiplash claims to getting back the vehicle repair costs; our car accident claim solicitors have plenty of experience and can help you with all the elements of your case.

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Do you Need Car Accident Solicitors?

If you have been involved in a car accident and it was not your fault, you may be entitled to claim personal injury compensation.

This is the case even if you were not the driver of the car, or if you were a pedestrian who was hit by a car. Having a trained accident solicitor to gather the relevant evidence can really help you get the best possible outcome, and it is best to seek their help as soon as possible because there is a three-year limit on the time that you have to make a claim. Get in touch with AWH Solicitors today, so we can help you with starting the claims (if it is not your fault) process.

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How Long will it Take to get Compensation?

It is difficult to say exactly how long it would take for a car accident claim to be resolved, but there are two things that will be considered in the process. These are:

  • Medical evidence of your injuries
  • Assessing liability to decide who was at fault for the car accident

If your injuries are particularly bad, then it may mean that the accident claims process may take longer. For instance, if you or a member of your family has been unfortunate enough to suffer serious brain and spinal injuries from a car accident, then multiple medical professionals may need to assess you.

Similarly, the mental capacity of the driver in the accident will also potentially need to be assessed in order to have all of relevant medical information for the claims process.

In certain car crash cases, your solicitor may advise you to wait until you have a clear picture of your medical prognosis, because once you have successfully won a claim then you will be unable to win compensation for any injuries that have developed or worsened after the case was closed. Contact us if you are unsure of anything in relation to your case and want to have a chat.

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How will my Car Accident Compensation be Calculated?

There are lots of different factors in how your compensation for a car accident might be calculated. The different considerations are:

  • If you were the owner of the car, the vehicle repair costs
  • Whether your injuries will prevent you from working and therefore result in a loss of earnings
  • Whether any of your injuries have now led to you having to modify your home
  • Any medical expenses that you have already paid, in addition to any future treatment that you may have to receive
  • Any travel expenses that have occurred while you receive medical treatment

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