Does a Black Box Record an Accident?

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Does a black bow record an accident?
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If I've Had an Accident, does a Black Box Record it?

Having a car accident can be a frightening experience but having the right evidence can be a massive help. Does a black box record an accident is a frequent question that shows that many people are unsure of its purpose in their car. However, a black box can be one of the most crucial parts of gathering evidence when you have had a car accident that wasn’t your fault.

Our personal injury solicitors specialise in car accident claims, and can use the evidence collected from your black box to construct a strong case for you.

Does a black bow record an accident?

Does a Black Box Record an Accident?

The simple answer is yes – if you have had a black box installed in your car then it will recognise if you’ve had an accident. Whilst it is generally used in order to measure how well you are driving and report back to your insurance company, the fact that it measures G-force means that it will be able to recognise the force of an impact. If you contact your insurer, they will be able to tell you:

  • The impact force of the cars colliding
  • How fast you were travelling at the time of the collision
  • Where the accident took place
  • The time that the accident took place

In some cases, the boxes are even so advanced that they will recognise that you have had an accident and additionally contact you to check that you are okay. If you have had an accident that wasn’t your fault and believe that your black box has recorded it, contact us to find out what the next steps are for using that data to make your case.

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What Do I Do if I’ve had a Car Accident

Whilst it might be difficult to think straight when you’ve been involved in a car accident, maintain road safety is still important. Your black box will continue to record everything that you do following the accident and it is important to follow the correct procedures. If you are able to do so, then you must:

  • Stop the car
  • Turn off your engine
  • Make sure that your hazard lights are on for the sake of other drivers
  • Check that any passengers in your car are unhurt

The important information that you must get from the other driver includes:

  • Their full insurance information

This includes the type of insurance that they have and the company who they are insured with.

  • Their name and address

In addition to the driver of the car, if they have passengers then you must also get their details.

You should take photos of the cars and license plates, as well as taking photos of any injuries that you may have sustained in the accident. Our legal specialists can use this evidence to support your case.

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