How Long Does A Car Crash Claim Take?

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How Long Does A Car Crash Claim Take?
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How Long Will it Take Me to Make a Car Crash Claim?

How long does a car crash claim take is one of the first questions that you will have when pursuing a compensation claim for an accident that wasn’t your fault.

The aftermath of a car accident can be traumatic and so we want to be able to support you through the legal process as much as possible. Our trained solicitors have a great deal of experience in car accident compensation claims and are ready and waiting to help you with your case.

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How Long Does A Car Crash Claim Take?

Can I Make a Car Crash Claim?

If you have been in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, you can likely make a claim. This applies for whether you were the driver of a car, the passenger of a car, or a pedestrian. Although we understand that it can be shocking to have a car accident, if you are able to complete a few practical things in the days after, these could later help your claim. These are:

  • Seek medical attention. Even if you don’t initially think that you need it, whiplash symptoms can take several days to develop
  • Keep a record of all costs that have been incurred following the car accident

At the scene of the accident, it is clearly important to focus on the safety of all involved before you exchange insurance details.

Our personal injury solicitors can help you assemble all of the evidence that you need to make a strong case.

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How Long Does a Car Crash Claim Take?

It is difficult to be able to measure the exact amount of time that it will take to resolve an injury claim, but there are two things that will be considered in the process. These are:

  • Medical evidence of your injuries
  • Assessing liability to decide who was at fault for the car accident

If liability is strongly disputed from the beginning of the case then it is likely that the process will take longer. This will also mean that you will need good legal support to fight your case. Contact us for expert advice on these kinds of cases.

Your case could take longer if your injuries are particularly bad, as you may need to be assessed by multiple medical experts from both sides of the case, in order that they can give a balanced opinion on what compensation you should be given. In certain cases, your solicitor may advise you to wait until you have a clear picture of your medical prognosis, because once you have successfully won a claim then you will be unable to win compensation for any injuries that developed after the case was closed.

How are Car Crash Claims Calculated?

There are many variable factors in calculating car crash claim compensation. The factors that will be taken into consideration are:

  • Whether your injuries will prevent you from working and therefore result in a loss of earnings
  • If you were the owner of the car, the cost of your vehicle being repaired or replaced
  • Whether any of your injuries have now led to you having to modify your home
  • Any medical expenses that you have already paid, in addition to any future treatment
  • Any travel expenses that have occurred while you receive medical treatment

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