How Much Compensation for Back Injury after a Car Accident?

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How much compensation for back injury car accident?
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Can I Claim Compensation for Back Injury after a Car Accident?

Being involved in a car accident can be traumatic and upsetting for all involved. If you have also injured your back in the incident, the situation can have lasting physical implications afterwards. If you have suffered a back injury in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, then we can help you make a claim for compensation.

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How much compensation for back injury car accident?

What Types of Back Injury can be Caused by a Car Accident?

The speed at which car accidents happen means that the most common form of injury is whiplash. Whiplash is primarily a neck injury that is due to a forceful back-and-forth movement of the neck. However, a car accident generally generates enough pressure that there is tremendous strain on both the neck and the back, and the back can be damaged in a number of ways, including slipped discs and facet joint injuries. More specifically, car accidents can cause:

  • Lumbar Sprains
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Disc Herniation
  • Degenerative Spinal Disorders

If you have suffered from a back injury in a car accident, you may need to go through physical therapy or take anti-inflammatory medication.

We can help you claim compensation if you have been involved in a car accident that wasn’t your fault. Get in touch today for advice.

How much Compensation for Back Injury after a Car Accident?

Are you wondering how much you can claim for a back injury caused in a car accident? It is difficult to give an exact figure for exactly how much compensation you could receive for a back injury that you have sustained in a car accident. However, there are a number of factors that are considered when your compensation is being calculated. These include:

  • Any medical expenses that you have already paid, in addition to any future treatment that you may need to receive
  • Whether your injuries will prevent you from working and therefore result in a loss of earnings
  • Any travel expenses that have occurred while you have been receiving medical treatment
  • If your vehicle was damaged in the accident, the cost of it being repaired or replaced
  • Whether you require modifications to your home because of your injuries

We can assist you in the process of gathering all of the relevant evidence and information that you will need, and help you to construct a strong back injury case.

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How Long will my Claim Take?

The amount of time that your claim takes will be dependent on a two-step process. These two steps are:

  1. It will be determined who is held liable for your injury. This will be the person who was most at fault in the accident
  2. The medical evidence will be assessed, to show exactly how your back injury has had an impact on your life

If your back injury is more serious, then it may take longer for your medical evidence to be assessed, and it also might be the case that you will have to have multiple medical examinations to get a full picture of your medical prognosis.

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