Injury Prevention Week 2022

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Injury Prevention Week 2022 E-Scooter
LPC & GDL Matthew Shiels
Legally reviewed by: LPC & GDL Matthew Shiels In: Personal Injury

This week from the 27th June to the 1st July 2022 is the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, Injury Prevention Week.

The focus of the week this year is the hot topic of e-scooters. At the moment, only e-scooters which are part of the many rental schemes in cities across the UK can be ridden legally. However, according to the recent Queen’s Speech, the Government is planning to legalise the use of privately-owned e-scooters on public roads. It is estimated that this will lead to an influx of up to 750,000 e-scooters on the roads.

In 2021 there were nearly 900 casualties from collisions involving e-scooters. Some injuries were catastrophic, and some incidents resulted in death. With the scale of use set to increase, safety is an important issue for everyone whether they use e-scooters or not.

Finland Study Shows E-scooters Cause More Injuries Than Cycling or Motorbikes, a ‘First-of-a-Kind’ Study

You’re more likely to be injured riding an e-scooter than you are on a motorbike, or while cycling, driving, or walking, a new study from Finland has found.

The study identified 331 patients with e-scooter-related injuries who were admitted to the accident and emergency department in Tampere, a city of some 226,000 people, between April 2019 and April 2021.

Data from scooter rental companies operating in the Finnish city revealed that e-scooter riders took over 1.8 million trips during that period, meaning there were roughly 18 emergency room admissions per 100,000 rides or 7.3 per 100,000 km ridden.

During Injury Prevention Week this year, APIL wants to highlight the legislative, and practical, measures which would help to protect people and reduce the number of these incidents.

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