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Manual Handling Injury
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Can I Claim For Manual Handling Injuries?

Manual handling injuries are unfortunately still prevalent in a number of industries. When employers fail to provide the correct training for their employees, it can often result in avoidable accidents in the workplace.

If you have suffered an injury at work that could have been prevented had the right safety measures been in place, then you can claim injury compensation.

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Manual Handling Injuries

What are Common Types of Manual Handling Injuries?

There are a number of different ways in which you can sustain such injuries.

The injuries generally come about from performing actions that involve:

  • Lifting
  • Pushing
  • Carrying
  • Lowering
  • Raising Items

Because of this, some of the industries that are most affected by manual handling injuries include those who work in:

  • Construction
  • Transportation and storage industries
  • Agriculture, forestry and fishing
  • Human health and social work activities

How can these Injuries be Avoided?

In order to avoid their employees suffering from manual handling injuries, all employers must be able to prove that they fulfil certain safety regulations in their workplace.

These regulations include:

  • Consulting employees on health and safety issues. This consultation must either be directly between employees and employers, or it can also be through a safety representative that is elected by the workforce or appointed by the trade union.
  • Carrying out regular risk assessments that address all potential for harm in the workplace, including types of manual handling injuries that could occur.
  • Giving all employees information about the risks that are in their workplace and how they are protected, in addition to instructing and training employees on how to avoid them.

In the case of manual handling, employers must take specific care to instruct their employees on the correct way to lift and move heavy loads, to avoid any potential musculoskeletal injuries. This should certainly be a priority for employers, as studies have estimated that these are some of the greatest risks to injury in the workplace.

Manual Handling Injuries cost Businesses over 1 Million Working Days Every Year

The UK’s Health and Safety executive have in recent years reported that the British work force are losing more than 1.6 million working days due to manual injuries every year.

These injuries causing days lost are usually referred to as musculoskeletal disorders but they also include injuries such as strains, sprains, trapped fingers, cuts from sharp objects or any other injury arising from carrying, lifting, pulling or pushing heavy loads.

This staggering figure highlights the need for greater awareness surrounding our manual workforce culture and the importance of manual handling training along with general health and safety knowledge on both the employer’s and employee’s part.

Can I Make a Manual Handling Injury Claim?

If you have injured yourself at work because of your employer’s inability to provide the correct training, then you may be able to make a claim. We can help you to provide the right evidence to support your case and get the compensation that you deserve for your accident.

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How Long will my Manual Handling Injury Claim take?

It is difficult to put an exact time scale on how long your manual handling injury claim could take.

There are two parts to the process. These two stages are:

  • Firstly, it has to be determined who is responsible for your injury. In cases like this, your employer will most likely be responsible for your manual handling injury claim.
  • Secondly, the medical evidence from your injury must also be assessed in order to determine how it has affected you and therefore how much compensation you can claim.

If you require multiple medical assessments, then your overall claim time could potentially take longer. However, with the right legal assistance, it is possible to move through the process as efficiently as possible.

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