Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Compensation Calculator

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Calculator

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Compensation Calculator

Our carpal tunnel syndrome compensation calculator can help you to establish a rough guide to how much compensation you might be eligible to claim for your carpal tunnel injury.

Our industrial disease solicitors are experts in their field and can then offer all the possible support that you need for your case.

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What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that causes tingling, numbness and pain in the hands and arms. This is due to the median nerve – a major nerve to the hand – being compressed within the wrist.

The syndrome generally gets worse over time, so it is important that you address your symptoms as soon as your notice them, so you can receive the right medical treatment. The symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome include:

  • Weakness in the thumb and difficulty gripping
  • Aching in the fingers, hands or arms
  • Numbness in fingers or the whole hand
  • Tingling or pins and needles

The symptoms can often worsen at night because many people have a tendency to sleep with their wrists bent.

How Much Compensation for Carpal Tunnel Surgery?

You might be wondering how much compensation you may get if you required carpal tunnel surgery.

If your doctor has decided that you need carpal tunnel surgery, then you will definitely be suffering from one of the more severe forms of carpal tunnel syndrome. This means that you would likely be entitled to a larger pay out, up from £13,00.

What is the Average Carpal Tunnel Surgery Settlement Two Hands?

In cases where you have suffered the condition in both of your hands, you will likely be entitled to a pay-out that is at the larger end of the scale.

There are a number of factors that are considered in the calculation of the treatment you will need to receive for your carpal tunnel. The severity of the condition will be important in deciding how much your claim will be worth. In particularly severe carpal tunnel cases, you may drop things or lose your awareness of where your hand is in space.

If you are needing surgery, then your doctor will have decided that your case is very severe. For severe cases, compensation can range between £13,000 and £20,000.

What is the Carpal Tunnel Workers Compensation Average Settlement?

For compensation settlements, we would generally give the following estimates:

  • Mild carpal tunnel: £1,930 to £7,500
  • Moderate carpal tunnel: £7,500 to £13,000
  • Severe carpal tunnel: £13,000 to £20,000

However, each case is different, and the amount will vary significantly based on your personal circumstances.

If you have suffered carpal tunnel syndrome as the result of poorly maintained workplace standards, then you could be entitled to make a claim against your employer.

If you made your employer aware of your symptoms as soon as they appeared and they did nothing to improve your working conditions or offer you regular breaks, you could even potentially be eligible for a larger amount.

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If you have developed carpal tunnel syndrome in one or both of your hands, you could be eligible to claim compensation.

Using our carpal tunnel syndrome compensation calculator you’ll get a rough idea of what you will be able to claim, before a chat with our experienced solicitors can help you get started with your case.

Use our carpal tunnel syndrome compensation calculator above and find out how much you can claim.