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Did You not Find your Dream Job at this Time?

That we aren't currently displaying certain vacancies does not mean we won't be looking to fill such roles in the future.

We are a growing firm and we are therefore always on the look-out for talented individuals to join our company. If you think you possess an excellent set of skills together with a can-do attitude then don't hesitate to contact us and leave us your up to date CV.

Together with your CV you should include a cover letter explaining your reasons to want to work for AWH Solicitors and what role or team you are applying for, together with an explanation describing why you would be a good fit for our company.

All open applications can be sent to recruitment@awhsolicitors.co.uk.

As a progressive law firm we are passionate about the career goals of our employees and strive to offer training and growth opportunities wherever possible to nurture our in-house talent. We pride ourselves on our diversity and equality practices and work hard to maintain our inclusive and positive company culture.

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