£24,000 Settlement Agreement After Workplace Adversity

Employee Wins £24,000 Settlement Agreement
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What Was the Claim?

Our client was employed since 2009 as a Cheq Manager. During his employment, our client raised protected disclosures regarding health and safety issues in the public interest. As a result of raising the disclosure he was subjected to disadvantages in the workplace. This was namely exclusion from meetings which he would usually be required to attend. Furthermore, he was excluded from important emails, and he was given no support in his role.

Due to the treatment from his employment, our client wanted to leave as he felt his position had become untenable.

Proposing a Settlement Agreement

Our client reached out to AWH’s employment team, and a WOP letter was sent to the employer setting out our client’s position and the potential claims. Furthermore, to avoid the need for litigation, AWH’s head of employment, Shereen Murphy,  proposed a ‘mutual termination’ by way of a Settlement Agreement.

What is a WOP Letter?

In UK law a WOP letter in practice allows for parties to be full and frank in communications about a legal claim. In this case it was written to inform the employer of the claim without having the contents of those conversations used against the employer in a court or tribunal case at a later date.

Settlement Proposal Accepted

Our employment team’s proposal of £24k was accepted, allowing for the client to move on to another job shortly afterwards.

Expert Settlement Agreement Solicitors

Unfortunately for some employees, job may no longer be the right fit for us. Sometimes you may decide yourself that a job isn’t right and look for a new one. Alternatively, your employer may decide that you don’t fit the job well enough, offering a settlement agreement.

If you have been offered a settlement agreement, our solicitors can check that everything in it is fair and that you come away with the best possible outcome.

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