£30,000 Award for Military Noise Exposure Claim

£30,000 Award for Military Noise Exposure Claim
 Brandon Stevenson
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Background of the Military Noise Exposure Claim

Our client, a dedicated Vehicle Mechanic, served within the British Army in Germany, from 1996 to 2001. The nature of their role required extensive travel to various locations for the maintenance and service of tanks and tracked vehicles. During this period, our client faced prolonged exposure to high levels of noise emanating from vehicle engines, weapon testing, and the tools utilised for maintenance and repairs. As a result, our client came forward to AWH for legal representation for their military noise exposure claim.

Military Noise Exposure Points

  • Germany (1996-1999): The client performed vehicle repairs and maintenance, actively participating in firing exercises and weapons tests.
  • Bosnia (1996): A six-month tour exposed the client to challenging conditions and heightened noise levels.
  • Canada (1996-1997): Engaging in live exercises, the client faced excessive noise from vehicles and live fire from both vehicles and rifles.
  • Northern Ireland (1997): The client worked at the Maze Prison, further contributing to their cumulative exposure.
  • Kosovo (1999): During a six-month tour, the client continued their dedicated service with the British Army.

Hearing Protection Challenges

Despite being issued hearing protection by the Army, our client faced challenges in consistent availability. Working in close proximity to the sources of loud noises, the client, when aware, wore the provided protection, albeit without proper guidance on correct usage. While satisfactory at noise blocking, the sporadic nature of its availability posed a risk to our client’s auditory health.

Unknown Hearing Status

Our client, now seeking legal support, does not recall undergoing any hearing tests during their military service. There is also a lack of awareness regarding the provision of hearing results during their membership.

Medical Confirmation

To validate the condition, our client obtained a comprehensive report from Mr. Graham Cox. Additionally, Professor Moore’s report outlines the specific hearing aid requirements arising from the sustained exposure to occupational noise.

Legal Representation: Military Noise Exposure Claim

Brandon Stevenson, AWH’s trainee industrial disease solicitor, is dedicated to advocating for our client’s rights. With a focus on military-related claims, Brandon aims to ensure our client receives the compensation and support they deserve, highlighting the significance of addressing industrial diseases resulting from military service. This case underscores the need for awareness, proper protection, and legal recourse for individuals impacted by occupational hazards within military environments.

Making a Claim for Military Noise Induced Hearing Loss

If you have experienced hearing loss in the armed forces resulting in permanent or disabling hearing damage, we can help you with your hearing loss claim to get you the compensation you deserve. Start your workplace hearing loss claim with AWH today on a no-win, no-fee basis.

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