£80,000 Medical Negligence Compensation: Lifelong Urological Issues

£80,000 Medical Negligence Compensation: Lifelong Urological Issues
BSC, LLB (Hons) & LPC Sophia Azam
Case by: BSC, LLB (Hons) & LPC Sophia Azam Updated:

Urological Issues: Failure to Pass Urinary Catheter

On the 8th June 2015 our client developed an inability to pass urine.  He attended the Nevill Hall Hospital on the 8th August 2015. Here staff members repeatedly attempted to pass a urinary catheter.  These attempts caused our client to suffer extensive pain, suffering and injury, resulting in further urological issues.

Further Urological Issues: Failure to Carry Out Endoscopy

Our client was subsequently transferred to the Royal Gwent Hospital where a flexible endoscopy was attempted but was too painful. As a result, the endoscopy was abandoned.  A further attempt was made under anaesthetic and thereafter a supra pubic catheter was inserted, which enabled urinary drainage but, our client has been left in extreme ongoing pain and discomfort, requiring further surgical intervention due to the size of the catheter and the manner that had been used .

Defendant Accepts Failings in Care

In correspondence dated the 5th May 2017, the Defendant confirmed that; ‘the Health Board has fully accepted that there were failings in care.  Further and specifically with regard to the issue of strictures, the Health Board has fully accepted that, taking account of the urethral trauma caused by the failed multiple attempts to catheterise, it is possible that this either created a new stricture or, if there was a pre-existing stricture, that this was then made worse and more complex as a result of the events that occurred.’  The Defendant then confirms that if it was not for these failed attempts, the client would not; ‘have needed to undergo a Urethroplasty procedure at this time.’

Medical Negligence Leaves Client Requiring Private Urethroplasty

During and after the multiple failed attempts at insertion, our client suffered excruciating pain and discomfort.  It was not until insertion of the supra pubic catheter under general anaesthetic that he felt any relief.  As a result of the build-up of scar tissue caused by the multiple attempts at insertion, he required a Urethroplasty. He underwent this procedure on 23rd November 2017 after paying £3,500 to have the treatment privately. This was because he was not able to receive the treatment on the NHS. Even after this surgery he still had ongoing issues which remained unresolved.  Our client suffers with numerous complications from the supra pubic catheter, including infections, pain, and discomfort. He has been left with the supra pubic catheter for an extended period of time. The client has also suffered psychological distress and remains on the waiting list for counselling in his local area.

Client Receives Settlement of £80k for Medical Negligence

With the expert guidance of AWH’s medical negligence senior associate, Nimish Patel, our client received a settlement of £80,000.

“Our medical expert states that following surgery, our client will have urological issues for the rest of his life. Furthermore, our client was waiting for 2 years to be seen by a surgeon. This was due to the shortage of resources in his area. Finally, there was a reluctance on the part of his GP to refer him to counselling. Therefore, we assisted him to find a private counselling service in the local area.

Even after the Health Board accepted liability in 2017, they were seeking to downplay the effect on the Claimant due to their negligence. Their initial offer was £5,000 which was increased to £40,000 in 2020 and it took a further 3 years of investigation before they were willing to increase the offer significantly.  The further series of delays took an ongoing emotional and psychological toll on the Claimant and his partner who was going through cancer treatment during the  seven years of the claim.

The negligence has had a psychological effect on our client, affecting his confidence. He is especially reluctant to go outdoors in case he soils himself publicly. Furthermore, he has regular nightmares of the memory of the incident which we have attempted to assist him with but it is likely to be constant for the rest of his life.”