Client Wins Back Injury Case After Being Left with Cut Ligaments

Back Injury Claim
LLB (Hons) & LPC Stacy Pimlott
Case by: LLB (Hons) & LPC Stacy Pimlott

In a recent back injury case, our client won a settlement of £5,000 after heavy lifting at work left him with muscle damage and cut ligaments.

What Was the Back Injury Case?

Our client was employed as a Warehouse Operative based in Sheffield. During his employment, he was required to lift boxes off pallets. On the day in question, our client was lifting a box off the belt that was at waist height. He started to walk with the box for roughly 2-3 meters before he placed the box on a pallet at ankle height.

While lifting the box he had to use both arms. Therefore, when lowering the pallet, he would have to keep both arms stretched out down to his waist. He would then proceed to bend his legs and crouch to place the box on the ankle-high pallet.

Back Injury Caused by Heavy Lifting at Work

After lowering the box, our client felt pain in his back.

The box weighed around 30kg; this was in comparison to a suitcase that you would normally take whilst on holiday. The boxes unfortunately don’t state the weights on them.

When the injury occurred, an ambulance was called but the first aider drove our client to the hospital in order to save time. He was assessed by the nurse, and it was said that he had damage to his muscle and his ligaments had been cut. He was prescribed painkillers at the hospital and was signed off from work for 7 days. On the 6th day of his sickness, he returned to work as the manager was putting pressure on coming back.

When he returned to work, he was placed on the same duties and as a result, he continued to have back pain.

The Outcome of Our Client’s Claim

With the expert help of our industrial disease solicitor Stacy Pimlott, our client was able to put forward a claim against their employer and won an award of £5,000.

Starting your Back Injury at Work Claim

Our solicitors will help you get the compensation you deserve after suffering from a back injury at work.

We use our understanding of health and safety regulations to establish a strong case against your employer.

If court proceedings are required, you can rely on us to stand by you from start to finish.

However, we will always avoid court proceedings where possible as we aim to keep the back injury at work claims process simple and straightforward for all our clients.

We treat each client as an individual and ensure that every case is handled sensitive and honest manner, tailored to the client’s specific needs.

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