Client Wins Settlement of £6,000 for Occupational Dermatitis Claim

Occupational Dermatitis Hands
Bsc (Hons) & M.Phil Sean Francis Ryan
Case by: Bsc (Hons) & M.Phil Sean Francis Ryan

With the help of our expert industrial disease solicitors, our client submitted an occupational dermatitis claim against their employer.

What was the Occupational Dermatitis Claim?

From 2016 to 2018 our client was working as a fabricator of aluminium window frames. Their job role involved treating the window frames with cleaning solvents provided by their employer’s suppliers. The suppliers also provided accompanying treatment and cleaning solvents.

In 2018, new management (the defendant) took over the firm our claimant was working for.

Following the take-over, management introduced a different ‘profile’ for the cleaning solvents from a different supplier. As a result, in around 2019 our claimant began to suffer from irritation around his eyes. He wore gloves but the contact with his eyes likely occurred when he was taking his gloves off one at a time and his bare hand would inevitably have come into contact with the solvents on the glove of the other hand.

Our claimant’s symptoms persisted until around March/April 2019. This coincided with the client being moved to alternative work on building sites where he was not in daily contact with the solvents. Our claimant’s symptoms lasted for a duration of approximately 5 months.

What was the Outcome of the Occupational Dermatitis Claim?

The claimant got in contact with our industrial disease solicitors at AWH and was appointed the help of our expert solicitor Sean Ryan. With the defendant keen to settle the claim pre-litigation, our claimant was very happy to receive a settlement figure of £6,000.

What is Occupational Dermatitis?

Occupational dermatitis can happen when contact with certain substances at work causes inflammation of the skin.

It’s not contagious, so it can’t spread from one person to another.

The symptoms and severity of dermatitis vary greatly, however, most people suffering from this condition will first notice redness and irritation of the skin, most commonly occurring on the hands or around the eyes.

If you’ve developed work-related dermatitis, our industrial disease solicitors want to help you.

Read more about occupational dermatitis claims in our guide.

Your Employer’s Responsibility

It is a legal obligation of your employer to protect your health and safety.

In order to protect you from dermatitis, your employer should provide proper protection such as gloves or long-sleeved shirts where these are required.

The law requires your employer to show a duty of care by carrying out regular risk assessments. Therefore, your employer should act upon any risks that occur in the workplace.

If your employer fails to carry out these essential assessments and you develop dermatitis as a result, we can help you with your industrial dermatitis claim.

Expert Work-Related Dermatitis Solicitors

Starting Your Occupational Dermatitis Claim

Our team of expert industrial disease solicitors will help you establish the cause of your occupational dermatitis. Firstly, your appointed solicitor will assess your eligibility to claim for occupational dermatitis compensation.

After your industrial disease solicitor has assessed your eligibility to claim industrial dermatitis compensation, we will put together a strong case on your behalf helping you claim for the maximum compensation.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority regulates our solicitors and the industrial disease claims are on a no-win no-fee basis.

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