Cosmetic Negligence Leaves Client on Verge of Sepsis

Cosmetic Negligence Claim
LLB (Hons) & LPC Stacy Pimlott
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What Was the Cosmetic Negligence Case?

On 18 May 2021, our client attended the Defendant’s premises to have a laser removal carried out. The laser removal was for a tattoo that our client had for several years. Our client had previously had a session of laser removal by the Defendant with no problems. However, on the day in question (18 May 2021), out client was informed that there was a new head on the laser. Therefore, they were informed to expect more popping and crackling than usual.  Therefore, given the Defendants supposed expertise in this area, our client had no reason to believe that this was not correct and underwent the treatment.

Our client recalls that during the laser removal he could smell burning flesh and that the top layer of his skin was peeling off.

After the treatment the client’s tattoo where the laser removal had been conducted scabbed over and became infected. As a result of this, our client had to attend the hospital where he was advised that he was on the verge of sepsis because of the laser treatment.

The client contacted the Defendant after this treatment. The Defendant advised him that this would be fine and to put aloe vera on the site of the infection. The hospital had directly advised our client not to do this therefore he did not follow this advice. The hospital gave our client antibiotics as a direct result of the deep infection.

What Proof Do I Need for a Cosmetic Negligence Claim?

To make a claim for cosmetic negligence, your specialist solicitor must be able to prove that the fault and harm that happened to you could have been avoided. A specialist solicitor would be able to collect all the relevant evidence for you and ensure that a strong case would be able to be presented.

What Was the Outcome?

With the legal expertise of AWH’s industrial disease solicitor, Stacy Pimlott, our client obtained a report from Mr Hugh Henderson. The report confirms the prognosis of the condition. As a result, Stacy Pimlott secured our client a settlement of £8,500.00 for their cosmetic negligence.

Our industrial disease solicitor, Stacy Pimlott, was pleased to assist throughout this case. With her guidance our client could receive the compensation he deserved for this serious case of cosmetic negligence.

AWH Solicitors can help you obtain the legal assistance and support you need if you have experienced cosmetic negligence.

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