Family Reunited in UK After Successful Spouse Visa Application

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By: Alice Williams

Successful application for a UK spouse visa

The client attended an initial consultation with us on the 24th August 2016.

She came to the UK in 1997 as the spouse of her ex-husband and went on to successfully acquire indefinite leave to remain in 1999.

Having been married for 21 years, the marriage broke down and the parties decided that they were unable to resolve their differences. They separated and mutually filed for divorce in 2016.

The client then advised us that she had moved on and entered into a relationship with a Pakistani National from Pakistan, who she later married and sought to have him join her in the UK.

Visa application sees family reunited

Our advice

We advised our client that the correct visa she needs to apply for is a spouse visa. We discussed the process with her and also the requirements of a spouse visa.

After discussing such requirements with our client, we informed her that she is eligible to make the application and also advised her of the application fees.

The client was pleased with the information provided and instructed us on a fresh spouse entry clearance application.

How did we help?

After receiving all of the appropriate documents from our client, we went on to complete the full online application on behalf of the client. We then fulfilled the online application and sent a copy to the client to confirm that the questions answered were true and accurate. When the client confirmed that all of the data was correct, we went ahead and submitted the application.

The client mentioned that she wishes to submit the application using our priority service visa. Clients who use this service will see their application soar to the front of the queue, assuring that a decision will be made a lot quicker than the standard four-month consideration period.

Once we had paid for the priority service visa, we went ahead and paid for the online application, the Immigration health surcharge and secured an appointment with the application centre in Pakistan. From the date which we secured this appointment, we then had a two week period to send supporting relevant documents to the visa application centre in Sheffield.

In the meantime, we drafted a cover letter in which we explained the background details of the applicant and sponsors, as well as highlight the relevant requirements.

The cover letter is then safely stored with a copy of the online application, along with any receipts for payments and additional documentation. This will get sent to the Sheffield visa centre once our client has approved all of the content.

Our next step was to wait until Home Office informs us that the application is being considered, before then awaiting the final decision.


The client called in and advised me that her husband had been granted the visa. She was delighted with the decision and also incredibly relieved, as the waiting period had been causing her a great deal of stress. Prior to submitting her application, our client had also discovered she was pregnant, which understandably exacerbated what was already a worrisome situation.

However, we are proud to say the application was a success and our client was extremely happy with the service AWH Solicitors provided for her.

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