Former Paint Sprayer Wins Occupational Asthma Claim

Occupational Asthma
 Former Paint Sprayer Wins Occupational Asthma Claim

Industrial Disease Expert Settles Occupational Asthma Case

A 30-year-old man who developed asthma in his time working as a paint sprayer has had his claim settled by our expert solicitor Charlotte Davies.

Paint Sprayer Wins Occupational Asthma Claim

What was the case?

Working for a company that repaired sofas, chairs, and cushions, our client was required to stand in a small booth with 2-3 other people to carry out his tasks. These tasks included mixing the furniture colours and preparing the leather surfaces by sanding them down. He then had to clean the surface by using a cleaning agent and applying a primer, before applying 2-3 coats of paint and hardener in the spray booth.

Throughout his employment, our client was not provided with the correct protective masks. The first did not fit properly, and the fumes would get inside. When he complained about this to his employers, they provided an alternative air filtered mask. However, the compressor in this would leak liquid into the mask.

As a result of these safety failures, our client visited his GP and, after a hospital assessment, was advised to leave the job. Upon leaving the company, the claimant noticed that his asthma symptoms improved.

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What was the outcome?

Our clients’ employer denied being responsible for our client’s illness, and also did not admit to the medical evidence. Our industrial disease expert obtained an occupational hygienist report which was in favour of our client. The defendant also obtained their own medical assessment, which also agreed with the diagnosis of occupational asthma. The claim was eventually settled, winning our client £50,000 in damages.

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