Foundry Worker Receives Settlement for Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Noise Induced Hearing Loss for Foundry Worker
Bsc (Hons) & M.Phil Sean Francis Ryan
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Our Client’s Employment as a Foundry Worker

Our client was employed by the Defendant from 1997 to 2003 on a full-time basis as a Foundry Worker with premises in Derby. During his employment he was required to work 40 hours a week with additional overtime taken when required. Our client enlisted the expert legal guidance of AWH’s solicitor, Sean Ryan, raising a claim for noise induced hearing loss.

Working Conditions Resulting in Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Our client was required to work on the shop floor where he was working alongside 100+ other staff. During this time, he would be operating and exposed to:

  • casting machines
  • clay delivery systems
  • settling works
  • hammers
  • hoppers
  • furnaces
  • shakeouts
  • vibrating machines
  • sand delivery systems

Our client claims that he was exposed to these machines and noise throughout each shift. Additionally, he claims he was not provided with any hearing protection throughout the span of his employment.

Medical Confirmation

Medical evidence was obtained from Mr Graham Cox, confirming the diagnosis of noise induced hearing loss.

The Defendant disclosed records illustrating that they provided hearing protection prior to our client’s employment. However, these ceased as the client stated which was not in accordance with compliance of the Regulations.

Noise Induced Hearing Loss Claim Resolution

AWH Solicitor Sean Ryan took action to address our client’s case, emphasising the employer’s negligence. The claim was pursued on the grounds of occupational noise-induced hearing loss and associated damages.

The matter proceeded to trial and with the expert legal guidance of Sean Ryan, judgment was found in our client’s favour and payment of £10,234.90 was compensated to our client.

This case highlights the importance of ensuring a safe working environment, providing necessary protective measures, and educating employees on potential workplace hazards. Solicitor, Sean Ryan’s dedication and expertise was crucial in securing a favourable outcome for our client in this industrial disease claim.

Making an Industrial Disease Claim

If you have experienced noise induced hearing loss resulting in permanent or disabling damage, we can help you with your hearing loss claim, getting you the compensation you deserve. Start your workplace hearing loss claim with AWH today on a no-win, no-fee basis.

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