Hearing Loss Win for Wood Machinist

Man wins case for hearing loss caused by factory work
LLB (Hons) & LPC Stacy Pimlott
Case by: LLB (Hons) & LPC Stacy Pimlott

Man wins case for hearing loss caused by factory work

A man who worked in a noisy environment as a wood machinist has received compensation for his hearing loss claim after our industrial disease specialist took his case on.

Man wins case for hearing loss caused by factory work

What was the case?

Our client worked for the majority of his career as a full-time carpenter and a wood machinist. Now in his seventies, he contacted us after realising that he had sustained substantial hearing loss during his working life. The combined noise exposure to large drills, wood saws and electric planers had significantly affected his hearing. Our client had worked in a number of different environments, but when our solicitor examined all the evidence he saw that there was definitely a case to be made for hearing loss.

What is industrial deafness?

If, like our client, you have been employed in a similarly loud environment, you may have been put at risk of tinnitus. This is a constant ringing in the ears which can occur after repeated exposure to very loud noises produced from industrial machinery. Working in a very loud environment can damage the cells inside your inner ear and can lead to ringing, buzzing or only being able to hear muffled sound. If your employer has failed to put the correct policies in place to reduce or control the levels of loud noise, then we can help you file a claim against them. Hearing loss can be a debilitating problem for someone to live with and we understand that you would want to be able to improve your condition as much as possible to get on with your life.

What was the outcome?

The case was constructed so well that the defendant solicitors decided that the best outcome for them would be to settle without any significant challenge. The case was therefore settled, and our client received a good sum of £3,500. This would help towards any medical bills and help our client to try and improve the quality of his life. We were happy to be able to assist in achieving this.