Successful application for leave to remain

The client, in this case was a Pakistani National. He was married to a British National and together they had a young son, who holds indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

Our client was initially granted leave to enter the UK from the 27th September 2015 until 27th March 2016. He came to Britain on the 4th October 2015.

Successful application for leave to remain

The purpose of his relocation to Britain was so that he could be with his wife, who was suffering from cancer during the time of his visa application and initial entry to the UK. Sadly, not long after the applicant’s entry to the UK, his wife passed away due to the rapid growth of colon cancer on the 24th October 2015.

The applicant was unable to spend reasonable time with his wife during or before her dying moments, and understandably this left him distraught and in a very mentally taxing position.

The applicant’s son constantly expressed his fear of losing his remaining parent, as his father was now the only family he had left.

He sincerely did not want for his father to return to Pakistan; hence, therefore the father had to make an application for leave to remain in the UK outside of the immigration rules given the exceptionality of this case, and also as the parent of a child in Britain.

Our advice

We informed our client that the visa he will need to apply for is leave to remain in the UK outside of the immigration rules FLR (O) as the parent of a child in the UK.

We discussed the process with him and laid out the requirements of the visa. After discussing the requirements with the client and learning that he was eligible to make such an application, we went on to explain the costs that will be incurred throughout the process.

The client was pleased with the information provided and wished to proceed.

How we helped

We advised the client of the documents required and went on to complete the application on his behalf. Having reviewed the paperwork, we prepared the Home Office bundle and completed the application.

Once the bundle was complete with all the necessary documentation, we paid the required costs and submitted the application, which had been reviewed by our client.


The application was successful and the client was granted leave to remain in the UK for two and a half years.

Our client was extremely overwhelmed and made up with the service our team had provided him with, and we wish both him and his young son all the best of luck for the future.

How we can help you

Each family's situation is unique, so a few case studies are unlikely going to give you a well-rounded overview of how we would handle your case. UK immigration law is complex and ever changing, making it more difficult than ever to apply for settlement without the guidance of an immigration expert.

Our immigration solicitors Manchester would like to learn more about your specific circumstances so they can offer you their bespoke advice on how to proceed to settle in the UK permanently.

Our solicitors will offer their guidance and support throughout the application process and will ensure that your application is submitted without errors, in due time and without a big impact on your day to day life.

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