Man Wins Claim for Carpet Factory Hearing Loss

Carpet factory
LLB (Hons) & LPC Stacy Pimlott
Case by: LLB (Hons) & LPC Stacy Pimlott

Major safety failings uncovered at carpet factory

A client has had his hearing loss claim settled by our expert industrial disease solicitor Umar Arshid, after his detailed examination found major flaws in the health and safety assessments carried out by his management at a carpet factory.

Carpet factory

What was the case?

Our client is in his 70s and had worked as a machine operator in the Threading, Beaming and Tufting Department at a carpet factory for a number of years. After suffering from substantial hearing loss, he had contacted us for help in making a claim.

Mr. Arshid’s extensive work uncovered a major failing in safety tests. The individual who had been tasked with carrying out the sound measurements of the machinery that our client was exposed to was in fact not trained in the technique of noise assessment at all.

This discovery had wider consequences, as it means that all noise assessments from this company are unacceptable and cannot be used as defence in any other cases that may arise.

What was the outcome?

With the help of our specialist industrial disease solicitor, our client was awarded a total of £3,250 for his hearing loss.

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