Overworked Beauty Therapist Suffers Severe Back Problems

Back Problems
 Overworked Beauty Therapist Suffers Severe Back Problems

Compensation awarded for severe back problems

Our industrial disease solicitors have recently helped a beauty therapist who suffered a severe back injury.

The injury developed after she was required to work much longer than she should have.

Compensation for back problems

What was the case?

Our client worked as a general beauty therapist in a hotel and spa.

Although in her contract she was required to take a 30 minute break every day, she was unable to do so because her employer overloaded her with clients.

When she should have been taking a break, she had to set up the room for the next client.

She carried out a variety of treatments each day, including massages using a massage table which couldn’t be adjusted in height.

Her back problems developed because she had to lean over the table at an unnatural angle.

She was required to stand throughout the whole process, so couldn’t even sit down and treat that as a ‘break’.

Our client spent three to six hours per day massaging, which put great pressure on her spine.

The main issues in this case were:

  • The massage table was positioned too low and was unadjustable, so our client was forced to lean in a damaging position
  • The amount of time that she massaged for each day was often over two hours more than she should have

The outcome of her claim

Luckily, our client’s back problems resolved within around four weeks and she was not left with permanent injury and pain.

Due to her pain and suffering, she was awarded £1,000 in damages.

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, back problems can arise anywhere if employers fail to provide you with adequate equipment and breaks.

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