Mismanaged Root Canal Treatment Claim: Dental Negligence

Mismanaged Root Canal Treatment Claim: Dental Negligence
BSC, LLB (Hons) & LPC Sophia Azam
Case by: BSC, LLB (Hons) & LPC Sophia Azam Updated:

Our client sought assistance from AWH Solicitors following dental negligence that resulted in the premature loss of a tooth and required an avoidable root canal procedure.

Background of the Dental Negligence Claim

Our client first attended the defendant’s dental practice with complaints of pain at the upper right first molar. The dentist recommended root canal treatment, which occurred across two appointments spaced two weeks apart. X-rays of the tooth were conducted prior to the start of the root canal procedure.

Continuing Pain After Root Canal Treatment

Approximately 12 months after his initial treatment the client returned to the dentist, reporting persistent pain in the same tooth. An x-ray of the tooth showed that that initial root canal treatment had been carried out negligently as the tooth had an incomplete root filling. Subsequently, the client was advised to undergo a second root canal procedure.

Need for Tooth Extraction and Implant

Despite undergoing repeated treatment, our client continued to endure shooting and throbbing pain from the affected tooth. Consequently, the defendant advised our client that extraction of the tooth was the only viable option, as there was no feasible way to rectify the errors from the initial root canal treatment. He was advised that he would now require an implant-retained crown to replace the lost tooth, at a cost of £3,000.00.

Dental Expert Confirms Dental Negligence

The dental negligence our client experienced prompted him to instruct AWH Solicitors to investigate a case against the defendant. After acquiring the medical records, Medical Negligence Solicitor Sophia Azam instructed a dental expert to evaluate the x-rays and records. The expert was tasked with assessing whether the treatment met the standard expected from a reasonably competent dentist. Following a thorough review, the dental expert concluded that the initial root canal treatment had been negligently performed.

Additionally, the client should have been referred to a specialist for the root canal treatment, as successful treatment was unlikely based on the visible findings in the x-ray. Furthermore, the dental expert asserted that the advice provided to the client regarding a repeat root canal treatment was negligent. It should have been evident to the defendant that it was too late to salvage the tooth through re-root canal treatment, making extraction the appropriate course of action.

Settlement Reached for Dental Negligence Claim

AWH Solicitors sent a letter of claim to the defendant outlining the case.  Initially, the defendant denied liability, arguing that the root canal treatment had been performed to an acceptable standard. Subsequently, a barrister was retained, and court proceedings commenced. After receiving the court paperwork, the defendant made an offer to settle the case. This included covering the cost of the future treatment the client needed.

Client Testimonial

The client expressed his appreciation to Sophia Azam, for her hard work and dedication to the case:

“Great service. Sophia is very professional and genuine solicitor she helped me with a compensation case even though the insurance pulled out and wouldn’t cover the claim if they failed. I appreciate what you did and would highly recommend.” – TrustPilot

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