AWH Solicitors Case Studies

Below are just a few examples of the successful cases we have won on behalf of our clients in the different areas of law we practice.

If you would like to learn more you can read what our clients had to say in their own words on our testimonials page and on Trustpilot.

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Experienced Solicitors in Manchester

We are happy to share our success stories with you, as we are proud of our achievements and glad we were able to provide our clients with the outcomes they had hoped for.

We believe case studies are very helpful is showing how we work, how we value our clients and how we can provide successes for clients in the future.

However, each case is different. This means it can be hard to understand exactly how our services would benefit you in your specific situation.

For information on how we can support you in your specific situation we would recommend scheduling in a call with one of our expert solicitors.

Why Choose AWH Solicitors

Our solicitors are highly experienced and have an abundance of experience in their field of law, ensuring you the best chance at a successful outcome of your case or claim.

  • Expert Services & Advice
    Expert Services & Advice
    As a modern multi-service law firm, we proudly provide award winning legal services to our clients across the country.
  • Pricing of our Services
    Pricing of our Services
    In order to be fully transparent on our prices we have published our pricing structure on each service page.
  • How to get Started
    How to get Started
    To get your case started with AWH Solicitors you can simply pick up the phone or request a call back from our friendly solicitors at a time that suits you.
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