Permanent Residency Secured for EU National in Record Time

Permanent Residency EU Citizin
By: Alice Williams

Successful application for permanent residence

Our client was a man who was originally from Poland who had been living in the UK for over five years with his wife and child. In this case the couple’s child was born in the UK. He approached AWH for more information on permanent residency as he was curious as to what options he had to stay in Britain permanently. We got to know the client and his situation and after reviewing his options we were more than happy to help him.

Our immigration solicitors advised him that because he is a European citizen, to stay in the UK permanently his best option would be to apply for permanent residency.

Successful application for permanent residence

Our advice

To apply for permanent residency in the UK, you must have lived here for longer than five years and have some form of qualification.

Our client had been living here since 1997, and he and his wife were both full-time workers at the same company, so he was indeed eligible to apply.

The next step was advising our client of what documentation he must provide, concerning himself, his wife and child, and we also shared insight into the cost of the application and our service. The client was happy with the advice he received and therefore the application process formally began.

How did we help?

We prepared the permanent residency application for all three clients, including the organisation of all relevant documentation to support the final applications. As soon as all the information was gathered together in a bundle, we checked that our client was satisfied and upon receiving his consent, we submitted the application to the Home Office.


After posting an application to the Home Office, the average consideration time is said to be around six months.

However, our client was fortunate enough to receive a response only four months after the submission and was overjoyed to hear that the application was a success.

Our client will be returning to work with AWH Solicitors when applying for citizenship, which is expected to be in twelve months’ time.

How we can help you

If you are a European citizen looking to permanently settle in the UK you may also be in a position to apply for your permanent residence card.

There are many benefits of applying for a permanent residence card, and with the assistance and guidance from an expert immigration solicitor the process is not at all complex.

In an ever changing political landscape it becomes stressful trying to understand what rights you may have in regards to settling in the UK in the years to come. With a Permanent residence card in hand you can officially prove you are allowed to live in the UK and it can also put you on track to apply for British citizenship if this would be your end goal.

You can’t apply for British citizenship without having held the permanent residence status in the UK first. After 12 months of living in the UK on a permanent residence card you are then able to apply for citizenship, provided that you meet the other eligibility requirements.

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