Police Officer Wins Sex Discrimination claim for £31,826.50

Police Officer Wins Sex Discrimination Claim
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What was the Sex Discrimination Claim?

Our client was working as a police officer where she was subjected to a long period of sex discrimination within the force. The sex discrimination spanned back two years, resulting in our client becoming subject to disciplinary investigation. This subsequently affected her promotion and career prospects.

When our client sought assistance from our employment solicitors, she was on a sick leave. She had recently raised a formal grievance but was uncertain about her next steps. Having worked in the force for 51 years in service, dating back to 1992, she was determined to preserve her career. Furthermore, she wanted to protect her substantial pension payout, making her reluctant to leave her position within the force.

Our employment solicitors sent a without prejudice letter (WOP letter) to the force, putting a proposal forward for £29,000 ex gratia in relation to injury to feelings for the sex discrimination as well as back pay for the two months she had been placed in a different role and had subsequently suffered a loss of earnings.

What is a WOP Letter?

In UK law a WOP letter in practice allows for parties to be full and frank in communications about a legal claim. In this case it was written to inform the employer of the claim without having the contents of those conversations used against the employer in a court or tribunal case at a later date.

What is an Ex Gratia Payment?

In UK law an ex gratia payment is a termination payment. This is paid to an employee by an employer where the employer is not obligated to do so. These payments are gestures of goodwill on behalf of the employer outside of the contact of employment.

Successful Outcome for Our Client

With the legal expertise of our employment solicitor, Shereen Murphy, the proposal was accepted. Our client was awarded £31,826.50 for her sex discrimination claim. However, instead of this being a mutual termination, our client remained employed with the force and was moved to a position that she now really enjoys. Furthermore, our client is now up for promotion in the near future, as well as having her pension pay-out to look forward to when she does retire.

No Win, No Fee Sex Discrimination Solicitors

Our expert solicitors work on a no-win, no-fee basis. This means you don’t need to worry about any of the financial implications of making a claim.

Our expert employment law team will assess your situation and help you understand what your rights are. If you choose to start a sex discrimination claim, our employment solicitors will stand by your side throughout the process. We will support you and ensure that you get the full compensation you are entitled to.

If you are experiencing workplace discrimination, contact one of our employment law solicitors today. We can assess your case in more detail and help you understand what your options are.

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