Purchased a Car With Outstanding Finance

Purchased a Car with Outstanding Finance
By: Alice Williams

Our solicitor Karl Kalina has helped a client swiftly resolve a case where they unknowingly purchased a car with outstanding finance.

Purchased a Car with Outstanding Finance

What was the case?

In early 2019, our client purchased a used car and paid for it in cash. To be cautious, they carried out a full HPI check on the vehicle. This came back clear, and the seller also did not disclose that there was any outstanding finance on the car that would need to be paid.

When our client wanted to sell the vehicle on again, the next potential buyer carried out their own HPI check. Despite the previous one coming back clear, this one came back with outstanding finance. This then led to the finance company contacting him and advising him that he must return the car or face court proceedings.

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What was the outcome?

After contacting us, our expert solicitors took on the case and began negotiating with the finance company. Ultimately, the company agreed to drop their interest in the car and removed the car’s outstanding finance from the HPI register. This was a great example of how getting legal help early in your HPI case can mean that you issue can be resolved quickly and easily.

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If you have discovered that they is outstanding finance on a car that you have purchased, we can help you with the legal procedure and make things as simple as possible.

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